Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Heels

If you follow me on instagram (kealfano) then you know I have these certain heels that I literally wear to every wedding I attend (which is almost every weekend). They go with every dress i pick out and are so comfy (well, for most of the night) so its a no-brainer when picking out my heels while getting ready. This past Saturday was no exception. My pledge sister, Brittny got married and on went the shoes! Do y'all have shoes like this? That you wear all the time because they go with almost everything?

The magic heels are pictured below along with some from pictures from the 2 recent weddings I went to the past 2 weekends....

(**I got a blog award that I will be passing along tomorrow so just a heads up!! Thank you Tonya from The Taylor Family!!!**)


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  2. I stop by your blog every once in a while..and I keep waiting for you to announce your engagement :) when I saw this post today, I thought "OMG, she is picking out her wedding shoes" lol..
    p.s the heels are super sute! and so are you an Ty.