Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cousins day/night

This past Saturday my cousins Karlie, Jennifer & I went to Tuscaloosa to spend the day/night together!! We had a blast catching up and relaxing together in our favorite town! We left Birmingham around 11 on Saturday and ate lunch when we got down there at one of our favorite college spots. We walked around and I did a little shopping before we hit the pool! After we laid out for a few hours we got ready & went to dinner in downtown Tuscaloosa and then took a walk around the quad with frozen yogurt in hand. After walking around for awhile we went back to my aunt & uncles apartment and made a pallet in the floor and watched the first night of the Olympics!! Sunday morning we went to a local breakfast place and pigged out before heading home. I had such a great time with my sweet cousins and it was much needed girl time!!! My aunt and uncle are so sweet for letting us stay at their apartment & leaving us some goodies to snack on too! I hope we can do it again soon!!!

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