Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jeri's bridesmaids luncheon

I'm 2 1/2 weeks late posting about Jeri's wedding & I'm going to break it up into several posts but I thought I should start somewhere!

Jeff's aunt offered to host Jeri's bridesmaids luncheon and this is where she lives:

Pretty nice, huh? We hit the jackpot for sure. The inside of the house is exactly how you imagined, big & beautiful! It was so sweet of his aunt to host the luncheon! 

There was such a nice spread for lunch which included chicken salad, fruit, quiche, and some yummy desserts! After lunch Jeri gave us some fabulous new totes (mine had my new initials on them!!! Eeeek!!!) and an awesome new beach towel that has already been to the pool several times.

It was a sweet time with the beautiful bride before it got hectic the rest of the weekend!!! 

After the bridesmaids luncheon, we headed to the nail salon!! 

I think this is when it hit me that my BABY sister was getting married!!!! (Ok ok, it still hasn't hit me) 

Next up: rehearsal dinner (I can still taste the yummy lemon icebox pie we had for dessert!) 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

5 years down...

Oh my goodness I cannot keep up with this thing! I'm not sure anyone reads but I do like to document special things in my life on here and I have been horrible lately!!! Since I last blogged....

My 5th year of teaching came to an end and it was VERY bittersweet. I had a double class this year and taught with one of my best friends & she is getting married and moving to Georgia this summer so I am sadly losing her! There's something different about a friend who you see every. single. day. Ya know? They see you at your best & worst everyday and love you all the same. And there's also something different about your work friends. No one else quite gets all the highs and lows of work like your work friends. We often would wedding plan in the middle of the day this year, in between lessons (Did I just tell on myself? I really mean we totally taught our little hearts out ALL day long) and it was so fun to go through the journey of our engagements together. Allison has been such a fabulous friend over the past 3 years and if it wasn't for her helping me get this job, I most likely wouldn't be a teacher today! I often wonder how I lived without her for so many years. She's definitely a keeper. We are kind of a package deal. When I got hired at my school, she had already been there a year. We both taught kindergarten & my principal asked me to move up to 1st grade the next year but knew she had to ask Allison as well for it to work. :) So the next year we both taught 1st grade and this year we team taught and had a double class together! When you saw me, you saw her and when you saw her, you saw me. She is SO special to me and I am so sad she has to move to Georgia. I am hoping for lots of road trips to see her in the future! we had a proper last day together in the classroom by having a dance party listening to music for both of our weddings this summer! What a way to end the year. :) 

Everyone thought we had lost our minds wanting to teach 40+ kids, and we probably had. But this year was the best. I couldn't have done it with anyone else! 

Here are our 40 babies this year. This was such a special year. I learned SO much from teaching with Allison & learned so much about myself this year. These precious kids had my whole heart. They were such a good group. They bonded from day 1 and we were a family this year. They made me laugh every single day, even on the hard days. It's amazing how much you grow and learn with each passing year and each group of kids. This group was so hard to let go. I am hoping for lots of hugs in the hallways next year from these now big 2nd graders! 

Our wonderful principal also retired this year so there will be lots of changes for me next year. New last name, back to a single class, trying to make it without Allison, and a new principal! I know change is good and it is a part of life but losing a best friend you see every day is hard to swallow! 

Speaking of Allison, she gets married NEXT WEEKEND & I can't wait to stand by her on her special day!!!