Monday, July 23, 2012

Surprise Trip!

I am planning a surprise birthday trip for Ty and I am so excited! His birthday is next Tuesday (July 31st) but we aren't going until August 5th. I actually had to tell him about it because of his work but he doesn't know where we are going! :) I am pretty much the WORST at keeping secrets (especially from him) so we will see how long this lasts before he finds out. I have planned the whole thing with him sitting right next to me and he hasn't found out yet! ha! I would spill the beans on here but my luck, someone we know would read it and tell him! So, yall will have to wait.....
At his friend's wedding last the Birmingham skyline in the background!

It's not a big trip, but it's going to be SO nice to get away to a new city that we havent been to (together). We are going with our friends Melissa & Matt so it should be super fun! Melissa graduates with her masters from Emory on August 4th so it will be a joint graduation/birthday trip! :)

And this girl will have to stay with her grandparents while we are away...hopefully she'll forgive us for leaving her behind... ;)

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