Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sweet summer fun

Last weekend we went to the lake and my sister, brother in law, niece, and nephew came! We had such a fun time playing with them! I was nervous that Luke might not like the water and not want to do anything but he was fearless! He jumped in the water, swam, went on a seadoo ride, went tubing, and caught 4 fish with Ty!! Ty and I found a baby pool for Aubrey and blew it up for her so everyone was happy! :) I hope they had as much fun as we did!!

This picture melts my heart - For so many different reasons.....

Thanks for coming! We love yall!!!

On a "not-so-fun" note, I went to the dentist today - another appointment for my whole tooth ordeal and it was NOT FUN! An hour and a half of pure torture. Everything they have done to it up to this point hasn't hurt, but today was very very painful. Thankfully, it is almost done. I have one more appointment on the 22nd and then I will be done! Unfortunately, my wallet has suffered severely from this. I might be begging for money by the end of the month. I will make it through, I know I will. It would help a little knowing I will have an income in August... :)

Please keep praying for my job search.

Monday, June 28, 2010

not me monday

Haven't done this in awhile so here we go......

-Last week when I was leaving the Dentist's Office, when given my next appointment time, I DID NOT say, "Ok, let me put it in my Blackberry, because if I don't, I will forget!" - I am NOT that dependent on my Blackberry and even IF I was, I would NEVER let people know that I was by saying something that dorky.

-This morning, I did NOT wake up at 9, get on facebook (again, on my blackberry), check everyone's status', then go back to sleep until 10:30. I am not THAT big of a facebook loser!!!

-Yesterday at the lake, while trying to blow up a baby pool for Aubrey and discovering that one of the "blow up holes" didn't have a stopper, we did NOT plug up the hole with duct tape!! We are NOT red necks.

-Last night for dinner, I DID NOT have TWO plates of Baked Ziti, TWO brownies, and a piece of frozen lemonade pie!!! (that recipe coming soon...found it on The Whisonants Blog - it is soo yummy)

-I do NOT get SUPER DUPER excited on Mondays only for the reason that The Bachelorette comes on. Am I a total loser for still watching this show season after season???

Okay, there are all my secrets, now I want to hear yours!

Friday, June 25, 2010

nothing like...

an impromptu interview!!!

A school called me this morning at 8am and wanted me to come for an interview at 11am! Crazy I know. It went really well, they were very nice. It is at a Tuscaloosa City School in 4th or 5th grade so would definitly be an adventure if I get it! I have been really down this week about the job search and some other financial issues that are going on right now because of a darn stubborn tooth in my mouth that is costing me loads of money. :( I feel better today. I really do KNOW God has a plan, some days and weeks are just harder than others. Please continue to pray for me in this journey, it is not an easy one.

In my Teacher Devotional last night, I got a slap in the face from God. You know when you're doubting Him, then He just puts something right in front of you that's like Him saying, "HELLO....WHY ARE YOU NOT TRUSTING ME?????" - Well, that was God talking to me last night. Here was part of my devotion:

"If your faith is being tested, know that your Savior is near. If you reach out to Him in faith, He will give you peace, perspective, and hope. If you are content to touch even the smallest fragment of the Master's garment, He will make you whole."

I just thought that was just what I needed! God is here with me guiding me through this process. He has a plan and I just need to sit back and watch His plan unfold. He is going to take care of me!

I'll leave yall with that. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Aubrey!

Last Saturday was my niece, Aubrey's 1st birthday! I cannot believe she is already 1! I feel like I saw more of her "infant" stage than I did with Luke because they lived in Auburn when Luke was a baby. I enjoyed seeing her so much throughout her first year! She is such a sassy little girl. Always wanting you to pay attention to her! I love that she was a cuddler when she was a baby because I LOVEEE to snuggle! Luke was wayyy too "on the go" all the time to sit with you and love on you. Aubrey loved to snug with ya when she was a baby. I loved it! She lovesss her momma and is always watching her big brother! Luke is a great big brother (well, most of the time...sometimes he likes to head butt her or drive his trucks over her...haha)! Anyways, I love being an aunt to Luke and Aubrey and am so blessed that they only live 45 minutes away so I get to see them alot! The way Luke says "hey Kafeen" or "Kafeen, come sit. Right here" or "Kafeen, play cars wif me" just melts my heart! I cannot wait for Aubrey to start talking! Aubrey melts my heart when she smiles at me....she has this ADORABLE smile where she squints her nose and shows all of her teeth, it is just the CUTEST thing ever! I love you sweet Aubrey and I am so blessed to be your Aunt Kat!

Here are some pictures from Aubrey's 1st year followed by some pictures from her party....


Christen did a Strawberry theme for her party. She had a Strawberry dress on, with Strawverry clips in her pigtails. Christen made Strawberry and peanut butter sandwhiches, had chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry lemonade, and homemade icecream with strawberry toppings! The cake was red velvet cake pops with pink chocolate icing and the cake pops looked like strawberries!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Well, last week we went to Daytona with Ty's family. My parents also got to come down for a few days which was great! Daytona is really neat because you can drive on the beach! I went a couple of years ago with my girlfriends but we stayed on a part of the beach where you couldn't drive so it was a new experience for me! Daytona is a great city....not only can you drive right on the beach, they have a boardwalk, lots of "beachy" shops, GREAT restaurants, and amazing italian ice! We ventured to the famous Bubba Gumps not once, but twice during the week. Ty's family is quite obsesses with that movie and no waitress could stump their knowledge of the movie. It is also home of one of the few Salty Dog stores so I of course had to get one of those. Ty's dad bought me my first last year when he went to Daytona so now I have 2! We also found an amazing italian ice place called "Ritas" and ventured to it about 5 times throughout the week. The owner pretty much knew our name! The month of May was so very stressful for me so it was SOOO nice to just be able to sit on the beach with nothing to worry about! Since you can drive on the beach in Daytona, we just loaded up the truck with chairs, coolers, the tent, towels, etc and drove it right on the beach lugging 10 chairs down to the beach everyday! Then every night we just packed it all back up and drove it back and left everything in the truck. I enjoyed not having to carry stuff! :) Here are a few pictures from our trip:

I got crab legs the first time at bubba gumps and they were TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

summer lovin

i caught the summer bug, ahhhhh i love summer! it hit me tonight when i was driving home from ty's house at 11:15. 11:15....i haven't seen you in awhile. during school, I would have already been asleep for 2 hours! i spent the whole day at the pool with my old roomie, who i havent seen in about 3 weeks. it was just wonderful catching up with her and having NOWHERE to go and no time limit! i have a new respect for summers after being in the "real world" as they call it. my poor friends who have normal jobs don't get a summer! how sad is that? i am so blessed that i get one still. i am trying to soak it all up and enjoy every single minute of it because i know it will be gone before i know it. i am also trying REALLY REALLY hard not to worry about my job situation. i am trying soooo hard to pray pray pray hard about it and trust that God knows what He is doing and is going to take care of me. my sweet teacher friends game me a precious ceramic painted cross that says "The Lord has great plans for you!" and that is so true. I put it on the wall right behind my desk so everytime i get online to apply for jobs, I can see it as a great reminder. what sweet friends i have, that i will miss DEARLY. anyways, BACK TO SUMMER!!!! i love everything about summer....sleeping late, making breakfast, going to the pool, hanging out with friends, spending time with "him", late nights, nowhere to be, no responsibilities, etc..... :) oh and my idea of getting up early has not worked out too well.... this girl loves her sleep!! anyways, I know this entry has been a little scattered!! i swear daytona pictures are coming soon!!! i still havent uploaded them on my computer!!! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer just as much as this girl is! :) sweet aubrey is going to be ONE on saturday! can you believe it? cuz i cannot! here is the sweet baby and her FAVORITE aunt:

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

update and giveaway!

hi friends, i'm back from my amazing vacation at the beach. no pictures yet but we had a blast! stayed on the beach so long that we practically got kicked off every night. you can drive on the beach in daytona (which we did) and you have to have your car off by 7 every night so the beach police would come sit by our car around 630 and make sure we left by we joked that we got kicked off the beach every night! we went to bubba gumps twice---their crab legs are to die for. :) :) mmm i can taste them now. anyways, pictures to come soon....

i had an interview yesterday and an amazing school in birmingham. i am super excited and think it went great. now i have to wait wait wait til friday to find out if i got it. i am really trying to trust God and know that he will put me wherever He wants me.

on to the giveaway....head over to to check out her monogramming giveaway! she also has some other giveaways that you can enter as well! my sister won some baby clothes from her last week!! Her monogramming giveaway is from Madison Monogramming and they have REALLLY cute things so head over to her blog and check it out!!!! Here is the link directly to that post! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

finished products

I finished some canvases for friends and i dont know why or how i am just now posting about it but oh they are...

On another note, I have TWO interviews tomorrow....Please pray for me!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jeri's graduation

Sorry I have been MIA - I meant to post about Jeri's graduation last week but last week brought me a whole whirlwind of emotions and work that I wasn't expecting. So, blogging got put on the back burner.

Well, I cannot believe that my little sister is a high school graduate. It was just yesterday that we taught her how to crawl with a balloon (don't ask me how I remember that). How in the world can she be going off to college soon? I just cannot believe it. Nevertheless, it happened...she walked across the same stage I did 5 years ago and graduated from high school. She will be going to go UGA in July doing some summer classes, just to get familiar with college a little earlier. I have no doubt she will LOVE college just like I did. Soak it all up Jeri, because it will be gone if you blink.

I love you and I am SOOOO proud of you, Jeri!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, the same weekend we were in Atlanta for Jeri's graduation, it was my best friend, Jessica's birthday weekend. We got to celebrate with her in Atlanta for dinner and drinks. We had a blast!!! :) I am so glad I got to see you and spend time with you Jess!