Friday, July 22, 2016

Weeks 36-39

Well, I am not yet done with week 39 but I thought I would go ahead and do an update on the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I am hoping there won't be a 40 week update, but we will see. He seems to be quite cozy in there. :)

I cannot believe we are at the end of this journey. I am so ready to start the next chapter with him in our arms but I really have truly enjoyed being pregnant. I had a wonderful experience and other than the acne, a few months of Charlie horses, and some recent heartburn....I have had no problems. I never got sick, and just recently felt like I was super uncomfortable. And I think that may have more to do with this HEAT than anything. I am always hot!

On one hand I feel like this pregnancy has gone by so fast, but on the other hand I feel like I've been pregnant forever. I'm sure anyone who is or has been pregnant feels the same way. It is so surreal that in a few short days we will be holding him in our arms. I cannot wait. I have wanted to be a mama since I can remember. I can't wait to love on that boy and see the bond Ty has with him. It makes my heart melt just thinking about it.

How Far Along:
Week 36: 6/28 - 7/4

36 weeks, 5 days {7.3.16}

Week 37: 7/5 - 7/11

37 weeks, 3 days {7.8.16}

Week 38: 7/12 - 7/18

38 weeks, 3 days {7.15.16}

Week 39: 7/19 - 7/25

39 weeks {7.19.16} ---> Also, our 2nd anniversary!

35 to 37 weeks in the same shirt!

36 to 37 weeks!!! That week I felt like I got huge!

Size of Baby:
Week 36: 18.6 inches, 5.8 lbs, baby is the size of a honeydew melon
Week 37: 19.1 inches, 6.3 lbs, baby is the size of a romaine heart
Week 38: 19.6 inches, 6.8 lbs, baby is the size of a leek
Week 39: 20 inches, 7.3 lbs, baby is the size of a small watermelon

Maternity Clothes:
All I can say is I feel SO lucky that I've had the summer off during the last weeks of my pregnancy. I cannot imagine having to get dressed for work everyday. To all you mamas who work up until you have the baby - you ROCK!!!! Especially in this heat, I am so thankful that my wardrobe right now mostly consists of nike shorts (that are way too tight at this point) and Ty's tshirts. :)

Boy!!! And we are seriously running out of time with this name situation. Oh my, I don't know how we are going to decide. I thought we had made a decision a few weeks ago but Ty keeps changing his mind. Now we are back to the drawing board searching every name website EVER. And we've totally already looked at them 10 times already. Ty really wants a one syllable name so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments - but we've probably heard them all..ha!

He is still as active as ever. Yes, his movements have changed and I know he is running out of room but that isn't stopping him from kicking mama and moving all around. :) Sometimes I feel him all the way on my side near my back! I think he is going to be tall like his daddy!

I'm sorry, what is that? It's not happening much around here. I had some serious heartburn creep in during week 38 but Ty went and got me some Tums one night so that problem is under control now. One night it was so bad I sat in the recliner at 4am for about an hour and it still wouldn't stop even though I was sitting up!!! I feel like my mind is always racing and I am always flipping from side to side so I am not getting much sleep. I think that is God's way of preparing me to be up all night soon. :)

What I miss:
Sleeping on my stomach and wine. For our anniversary the other night we went to this yummy Italian restaurant and we sat in their wine bar area. I was surrounded by yummy wine and it was torture. Someone bring me some wine in my hospital room. k thanks.

lemonade and popsicles

acne on my chest and back, my feet and hands are swollen, heartburn

Best Moment of the Week:
Week 36:

Fourth of July with my little family!! :)

My cousin Karlie and I on the 4th! She is a month behind me!
Bumpin' Cousins

Week 37:
Snuggle time with my girl :)

Week 38:
My friend Rachel and I went and got pedicures!! It was HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! #pregnantladydreamcometrue

Week 39:
Ty talking to my belly this morning. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lake Weekend!

Ty's dad got a new camera and we tried it out this weekend at the lake! Considering all anyone ever uses anymore is their iPhone camera, it is crazy to see the difference in quality of a regular camera vs. the ole iPhone camera!

We had the best weekend. It was so relaxing. We haven't been up there for the whole weekend in a long time (a lot of times we just go for the day), so it was nice to be able to stay up there for a few days. The only way I can be outside at this point in the Alabama heat is in the water so I enjoyed lots of hours Saturday and Sunday in a float.

Exhibit A. :) My mom, sister and brother in law joined us for the day on Saturday. I am so glad they came!!!

Emma is NON-stop at the lake. Swimming, riding on the sea-doo, fetching her toys in the water, barking at us from the dock, jumping in to check on everyone when they jump in, etc. She literally never stops. She was EXHAUSTED Sunday night when we got back! Sister loves the water!

I snapped this picture on my phone Saturday night from the screened in porch. Love sunsets at the lake. Breathtaking! We grew up going to my Meme & Granddaddy's lakehouse and our favorite thing was the mornings and late afternoons on the screened in porch. So everytime I'm out there, I get all nostalgic thinking of my childhood and missing my sweet grandparents. I am so thankful to be able to go to the lake with Ty's family now and so thrilled our children will get to experience the lake too!

Emma had some rest time on the float with her Aunt Casey on Sunday. :)

Ty's family's lakehouse is on a cliff, so there are about 100 steps down to the water. Needless to say, when you go don't come back up until you are ready for dinner. I went up and down those stairs THREE times this weekend and it didn't phase baby boy. He is still hanging tight in there! I am 39 weeks, 2 days today and getting super anxious! I am so ready to have that boy in my arms. I will try to come back soon with an update on weeks 36-39!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Pregnancy Updates - Weeks 33-35

Happy July, friends! It is officially BABY MONTH in the Latham household and we could not be more excited!!!! I can't believe it is finally here. I cannot wait to hold that sweet baby boy in my arms. We are counting down the days!

I am 36 weeks, 3 days today but I need to back up and do weeks 33-35 today!

How Far Along:
Week 33: 6/7 - 6/13
33 Weeks, 2 days {6.9.16}

Week 34: 6/14 - 6/20
34 weeks, 1 day {6.15.16}

Week 35: 6/21 - 6/27
35 weeks {6.21.16}
It could be the shirt but from week 34-35, my belly looked rounder and lower!!

Size of Baby:
Week 33: 17.2 inches, 4.2 lbs, baby is the size of a pineapple
Week 34: 17.7 inches, 4.7 lbs, baby is the size of a muskmelon (?????)
Week 35: 18.2 inches, 5.3 lbs, baby is the size of a small spaghetti squash

Maternity Clothes:
Since I am on summer break right now, my wardrobe usually consists of nike shorts (they are getting a little uncomfortable now) and Ty's tshirts. A lot of my tshirts are too short or too tight so I'm down to my big ones and Ty's. I have never liked regular tshirts to be tight on my body (makes me feel claustrophobic) so I cannot stand to wear the ones that fit tight on me right now! When I actually do get dressed, I've been wearing maternity jean shorts and a top. As blazing hot it is in Alabama, I often have to fold the maternity stretchy part of the jean shorts down because they are SO HOT!!!

Sweet baby Boy, who remains nameless....bless him.

Movement: His movements have changed these last few weeks. I can tell he is running out of room in there!! Around week 34, I started feeling him all the way almost to my back on my left side!!! I think it was also around week 34 when we were sitting on the couch one night and he was moving around like crazy so I lifted my shirt over my belly so Ty could watch him move around. He stuck something out so far right beside my belly button that it looked like my belly was going to pop open like a balloon! It was the craziest sight!!

Sleep: Sleep is good some nights, and terrible some nights. My hips and legs start hurting when I've been on one side too long so I am constantly flipping from side to side. Some nights I can fall right asleep again, some nights I can't. #pregnancyprobs

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach

Cravings: Watermelon and Popsicles. Give me all the watermelon and popsicles!!!!

Symptoms: Acne is still out of control, my feet and hands are swelling (I had to say goodbye to my rings about a month ago and ordered myself a silicone Qalo ring), and my legs and feet start hurting if I have been up too long

exhibit A - I had just gotten back from SAMs and I was supposed to be folding laundry but instead I was eating a popsicle using the laundry to prop my leg up because they were aching! ha!

Best Moment of the Week:
Week 33: Showering my sweet cousin Karlie and her sweet baby due in August!

Week 34: hearing that sweet little heartbeat on the Doppler at the doctor! He said "that is one active baby!" - yes, yes I know :)
Week 35: getting the nursery done!!!!

What I'm looking forward to:
Holding him in my arms! I am getting so anxious and impatient!!!