Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick trip home!

Ty & I got to go to atlanta Saturday for a family party for his family so we got to stay with mom & dad! This was Emma's longest car ride & she did great!!! After we got there & dropped Emma off at mom & dad's, we found out that my sister & her husband were coming over too with the kids! So it was a FULL house and mom & dad were babysitting Emma & all 4 grandkids for a few hours! After the party with Ty's family, we headed back to mom & dad's for the night! We played with Emma & the kids for the rest of the night & all morning this morning! It was good for Emma to be around the kids so she gets used to being gentle with them!!! She had a blast chasing them around (and knocking them over on some occasions...), giving them lots of kisses, and eating their crumbs off the floor ;).

Today was my best friend Melissa's birthday (as well as her boyfriend Matt) so we stopped by to see them on our way out! I was so excited I got to see them on their birthday!!!

I am so glad we got to make this quick trip home!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday & today...

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