Friday, September 30, 2011

Week in Pictures...

Here is the rest of my week in iPhone pics..

Tuesday, we made the applesauce recipe that I posted on Monday and it was SOOO good!!! The whole classroom smelled amazing ALL day. I HIGHLY recommend that recipe! It is chunkier than normal store bought applesauce but if you have a potato masher, I think you could mash up the applesauce to make it smoother. My kids loved it and I did too! It was amazing! I never got a good picture of the end result that made it look as good as it was so you will have to settle for what it looked like in the morning...

All I have to say is .... YUM!
Tuesday night, I went to a new teacher meeting that was kind of by Christen's house so I stopped by there after the meeting for dinner with them! Loved the unexpected visit with my sweet nephews and niece! This is what I had to leave behind when it was time to go...

Aubrey standing at the door saying, "Hey Kafween! Wuv You! Bye Bye!"
You see, Aubrey likes to torture me when I leave. She has done it for awhile now. If I leave through the front door, she stands right there sometimes saying, "No! No! Kafween!!!" or "bye bye, wuv you". If I leave through the basement, she stands at the top of the stairs doing the same thing. It hurts my heart! Christen likes to laugh because she knows it tortures me and makes me not want to leave. I think Christen secretly tells her to do it! ha! When I told her I had to leave that night, she said, "no leave!"

Wednesday, my teacher friend had her sweet baby girl, Isabelle (9lbs, 12 oz!!!). I have not met her yet but I can't wait. I'm hoping I can stop by next week after work to meet the sweet little big angel!!! The kindergarten teachers made a little bag for Sara for the hospital and I made this to stick in the bag...

scrapbook paper, cricut, and picture frame! Hope Sara likes it :)
Wednesday night I came out of the gym to this gorgeous view.....

Thank you Lord!
Thursday I stayed at school way too long and then got in bed at 7. Yes, I said 7! I am not getting enough sleep at night and by the end of the week, I am DONE! So tired! I only got up to eat and then got right back in bed!

Since I skipped the gym yesterday, I need to go today but I am sitting here waiting for Ty to do some work. Is it sad that I secretly hope we don't go? HA! jk.....kinda. Motivation, where are you this week!????

Tomorrow is gameday in the swamp! Oh I hope those FL Gators chomp their way to a LOSS!!!!


Stay tuned for my VERY interesting story for the week. I have to do a little research before I share though so STAY TUNED! Its a good one :)

Happy Weekend :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

apples apples apples!

Last Friday was Johnny Appleseed's birthday so we have been doing lots of apple activities in Kindergarten lately! Tomorrow, we are tasting yellow, green, and red apples and graphing which one is our favorite. We are then making crockpot applesauce and I thought I would share the recipe that I found! Maybe some mommas out there would want to make it for their little ones!

Crockpot Applesauce:

10 large apples - peeled & cored, cut or sliced
1/2 cup of water
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 - 1 cup sugar

Put all ingredients into the crockpot - it should be about 3/4 full. Cover and cook on high for 8-10 hours or on high for 3-4 hours.

It sounds so yummy! I will let yall know how it turns out :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Can I get a Roll Tide??

What a game yesterday! I was nervous because it was our first SEC game but we came out to play! Very proud of my team!

I did not go to the game but did go to Tuscaloosa to tailgate on the Quad with the family. I took 2 of Ty's younger cousins and we had a blast! Mom and dad as well as some cousins and aunts and uncles came, so of course we had a great time. Ryan brought Luke, Aubrey, and Levi which made it even better (even though they were dressed in Kentucky attire)!

Levi says, Roll Tide!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walk to End Alzheimer's

This is a long post, but probably the most meaningful post I have ever written. I teared up numerous times writing this post and it means a great deal to me if you would take the time to read it. This post is very dear to my heart.

If this post jumps around a little, I apologize. I was writing straight from my heart....

On Saturday, October 15th, I am walking in the Walk to End Alzheimer's in Athens, Georgia. This walk benefits The Alzheimer's Association. I am walking in honor of my Nana, who passed away in May from Alzheimer's, as well as my Meme, who is in the final stages of Alzheimer's/Dementia. This organization means a great deal to me as I have watched my only two grandmother's suffer from this horrible disease, at the same time. They both started getting sick around the same time and it has probably been one of the hardest things to watch. Knowing they will never be the same again, is very hard to grasp. We though we would lose my Meme first, but it ended up being Nana.

My Nana was one of the sweetest people I have ever known. She raise 6 boys. SIX. Yes, I said six. Any woman that raises 6 boys is a saint. I know she loved every second of it too. I love hearing my dad and my uncle's talk about stories from when they were little. Nana's house was one where all the kids in the neighborhood gathered. I can just picture her feeding all the neighborhood kids. She was so loved by her family, friends, church, and neighbors. Everyone in her town knew who she was, as well as all the "Alfano boys".
She LOVED us grandchildren more than anything. She was ALWAYS in the kitchen cooking something. Spaghetti, Lasagna, Pastina, Salad, rolls, etc. From the time she got up, to the time she went to bed, she was in the kitchen cooking for her family. She had such a servant's heart. When my Poppy was still alive, her one purpose was to take care of him. After she died, we found lots of scrapbooks, pictures, and notes she had written him over the years. While he was alive, and after he passed away. She was never the same after he left her to be with Jesus. She mourned his death from the day he died, until the day she died. This might sound weird, but I was so happy when she passed, because I knew she was with her love again. She loved him SO much. I could just picture Poppy sitting with Jesus waiting for Nana to come home. I just know they are having so much fun up there dancing together. As hard as it was to lose her, I was so happy for her. She was with Poppy again!!! I can only hope to love my husband the way she loved him. When she started getting sick, it was so hard to watch. She was the rock of our family. It was like a piece of our family was missing. We knew something was wrong when she could no longer cook. When she moved out of her house into the nursing home, a little piece of my heart broke. That was the house my dad grew up in, and the house we had spent so many nights with her and Poppy. The last time I talked to her was a few weeks before she passed. Dad and I had gone to see her at the nursing home and she was so happy to see us. She kept saying how beautiful I was and smiling at me. She might not of known what my name was but she knew I was one of her "girls" (there are 15 grandchildren, 10 girls, 5 boys). I am so glad I got that time with her before she went home to Heaven. When she left this earth to be with Jesus, my life changed. I piece of my heart is in Heaven with her and Poppy, and thats where it will stay until I see them again.

Poppy, Nana, and ME! :)

And now on to my Meme. I get my anxiety and worrying from my Meme. Meme always worried about us. If we scraped a knee, she would freak out. If we bumped our head, she would freak out! I am certain that I get my bad habit of worrying from her. Most of you know, I am living with my Granddaddy right now. I took Meme's old room. It was VERY bittersweet moving into her room. I was so excited to be there and have the master bedroom, but sad because I shouldn't be sleeping in that room, she should. Instead she is in a nursing home, battling Dementia. Meme got sick quicker (in my eyes) than Nana. This terrible disease affected them differently, taking different parts of their brain. Meme's speech was taken, whereas Nana could still talk until her final days. I know deep down Meme recognizes me when she sees me. She might not know who I am but she knows I am someone she recognizes. I can see it in her eyes when she looks at me. She cries alot when we go see her and I know it is because she knows we are someone special to her. Meme was very feisty but had such a sweet heart. She would bend over backwards to help us. She loved when her children and grandchildren were under one roof. She loved coming to my cheerleading games and competitions when she could make it over to GA. I have vivid memories of her at the lake...drinking her coffee on the screened in porch in the mornings. She used to make us coffee when we were little in these special cups & we thought we were so cool. She used to take us shopping all the time, which was a huge treat. Meme's house had a distinct smell and everytime I smell something that reminds me of her house, it brings tears to my eyes. I do not go up to the nursing home alot, because I get teary-eyed everytime I go up there. It hurts me seeing her hurt. I hate it. I just want to make it better and I can't. I can't grasp that she is never going to be the same again. I know her time on earth is coming to an end, and that hurts. I know she will be in a better place, and she will be with her baby again (my uncle stu), but it still hurts knowing my time with her is limited. I loved walking around the house, seeing pictures of her everywhere. She is so beautiful! I also loved finding things in her room that were hers. How many people get to live in their grandmother's room? I am one lucky granddaughter! I love looking at her jewelry. Meme was always very well dressed. She loved jewelry and you always knew she was coming because you heard her bracelets or necklaces making noise. She always had her hair done, her nails painted, and her lipstick on. She loved her shoes too. I think she had nearly 100 pairs of shoes. I hope I am as fashionable as she was when I get older!!! This sounds silly but I know she would just DIE if she knew what she looked like in that nursing home. Haha. Good thing she doesn't! I am dreading the day she goes to be with Jesus. Even though it hurts, I know I need to make more of an effort to go to the nursing home to see her, because the time is coming when I will no longer be able to go visit.
I love you so much Meme!!!

Meme and I at one of my birthdays :)

I am walking for these two special people. Who I have watched suffer though this terrible, terrible disease. It is very hard to watch your grandmothers go through this at the same time. I hurt for my parents, who have been through so much. I cannot imagine watching my mom suffer through this disease, which is what they have both done. I beg my mom all the time not to get Alzheimer's when she gets older...I know that sounds so silly but I don't want to watch her go through what my Nana and Meme have been through.

I am raising money for my walk, which benefits the Alzheimer's Association. I would greatly appreciate ANY donations. No amount is TOO small. I set my goal for $100, but I would love to raise SO much more than that. I understand if you cannot contribute, I of all people know that money is tight, so if you can't, I am asking you to pray. Pray for all of the families affected by Alzheimer's/Dementia. It is so tough watching a loved one suffer through this disease. Pray for a cure....

Here is the link to my page if you would like to donate. My heart cannot thank you enough....
Click Here to help end Alzheimer's

Meme and Nana, I am walking to end Alzheimer's for YOU!!!!!!!! I love you both so much!

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post!

Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


(I wrote this on Friday night & didn't post it until this morning)
Happy Friday Everyone! I am so exhausted. I got the same amount of sleep last night that I normally do but for some reason I was DRAGGING today. I had coffee AND sweet tea this morning too. However, that might have been the problem. HA, anyways, I am looking forward to resting this weekend. Those sweet 5 yr olds WEAR. ME. OUT!

*Before you read the story from should know I am a TOTAL worry wart. I have bad anxiety about certain things and am paranoid about bad things happening. I don't know why but its a bad habit!! I am living with my Granddaddy right now and his neighborhood scares me! It is not horrible but it is not the safest place either. Ok now to the story.....

On Tuesday, I got home from school and plopped down on the couch for some rest before I went to work out with Ty. Around 6 the whole house shook like someone had just SLAMMED the basement door shut. I immediately freaked out, ran to my room and locked the door. I quickly changed (I was about to go work out) and got my pepper spray. I almost called Ty to tell him I was not coming out of my room until he came over because the boogyman was in the basement!!! He probably would have said no so I decided not to call and brave the boogyman by myself. I left my room armed with my pepperspray and got out safely! I tried to forget about it but ended up saying something to Ty and his parents later that night. After I told the story, Ty's dad said, "Was that around 6?" and I said, "actually, yes!" and he informed me we had an earthquake with a 3.0 magnitude!!! He said he didn't feel it but Ty and his mom said they felt it but just thought it was Bill (Ty's dad) working on the roof! Ha! SO, very glad there was no boogyman in the basement... ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Roll Tide!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My First Cricut Project

Here is my FIRST cricut project...ohh so nervous about how it would turn out but I think it is SUPER cute!

Ty's mom bought the bucket and spray painted it. I cut the letters on my cricut and we stuck the vinyl on the bucket! I LOVE how it turned out! I think she is going to use it for their back patio to put drinks in when people are out there hanging out/watching football! TOO cute!!!

She loves black and brown together so I knew she would want those colors!!

I need to get more creative with my cricut in my classroom. Any ideas??? word - OBSESSED. Why did I just discover this? If you have one, lets follow each other!!! I have already gotten so many cute classroom ideas from it!! I also am obsessed with looking at house decor (you know, since I have one to decorate and all - NOT). If you have not checked it out, you should!

Christen called after work today and they were headed my way (well, my route home way) and we met at wal-mart so I could see her and the kids for a few minutes! What a wonderful surprise! I know I always say this, but there is nothing in the world like your niece and nephew getting SO excited when they see your face, then running and tackling you with hugs. They were about to jump out of their pants today because they were in the parking lot when they first saw me coming towards them and they couldn't run across the parking lot to get to me! haha! Oh how I am SO in love with them (and Levi, of course). :) Thank you Lord for little ones!

Speaking of little ones, my babies were ALL at school today for the 1st time! All 14 of them! I have always had at least one out, normally 2 or 3 out every day so I have never had all 14 of them. Day went good! I can successfully say that 3 of them that couldn't count to 20 last week, left my door counting all the way to 20 this afternoon. Ahh, its the little things :).

Yes, totally random post. You should be used to it by now if you are a returning reader :) Welcome to my brain! ha!

Happy Tuesday Night!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where I was

I was a freshman at Harrison High School.

I was walking the hallways when I kept hearing people talk about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center in NYC. I walked into Keyboarding Class and the TV was already on. My class and I were glued to the TV when the 2nd plane hit. We watched in horror as to what was going to come next. We watched TV all day, in every class. Noone said much, but we knew it was bad. Our principal came on the announcements and gave us a little more information about what was going on. As a young 9th grader, I really don't think I knew what was going on. I didn't understand just how many people lost their lives that day. I didn't really understand that we were under attack. I didn't grasp it. And I don't think I really totally fully grasp it today. Especially because I did not experience it first hand.

Today, I am praying. Praying for every family affected. Thanking God for so many heroes. Thanking God for our military.

I think Ground Zero is beautiful. The waterfalls are breathtaking. I cannot wait to see them in person someday.

9/11/2001 Never Forget

Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello Friday :)

What is everyone doing this weekend? I am planning on doing a whole lot of this...

I am not a HUGE cat fan (mainly because my little sister's cat is possessed by the devil) but I thought that picture was too cute :)

It's weird - the past 2 weeks, I have not even been wishing, wanting, needing Friday to get here. It's just like another day. My body needs the rest come the weekend, but I don't LONG for it like I normally have. I think it is because I LOVE my job. I LOVE my kids and my school. Everyday has been a joy with my new little ones. I feel so very blessed. And its not good to wish my days away either. Every day is a gift, and I need to treat it that way. 

I finally uploaded my classroom pictures to facebook, I will upload them on here this weekend!

I sure am ready for the BAMA game tomorrow! Can I get a ROLL TIDE?

Sneak Peak of my classroom....

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So, after 7 days in Kindergarten, I am sick!

I did not have to worry about this last year because 6th graders know how to contain their sickness. Not so much with my babies!!! haha, its ok though, I love being with them everyday!! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

College Football!

Hello College Football, I have missed you!!!

If you read my blog, you know I am a HUGE Alabama fan!! I graduated from Alabama in 2009 and am a proud Alumni! This is my first year not living in Tuscaloosa since I started at the University in 2005. It was definitly weird driving down to the game rather than living there but I had fun anyways! My cousin Karlie and I made the hour treck down to T-town late Friday night to stay with Ty's sister, Casey. We got up EARLY Saturday morning for the 11:21 (yes, you read right) kickoff! We always have a blast at the games together and yesterday was no different. :) It was VERY hot but there was a breeze in the upper deck! ha! My parents came down as well as some of Ty's cousins so we had a blast tailgating after the game. BAMA beat Kent State 48-7! RTR!!!!

After the game we hung out for awhile, walked around some vendors, and ate the famous BBQ Nachos from Big Bad Wolf (if you go to T-Town on gamedays and have NOT tried these, YOU MUST!!! They set up every gameday in front of Houndstooth on the strip). We then packed up and left to come back to Bham to watch the UGA/Boise State and LSU/Oregon games. I quickly showered and put my PJs on and snuggled up on the couch for the games!!! I just LOVE college football!

Who is your FAVORITE team to watch???


A little update on is FABULOUS! I love my kids and love my school! Everyone has been super nice and sweet to me! The drive to and from school is hard when I am tired but I enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning drinking my coffee and listening to the radio. I do not mind the 45 minute drive at all! Especially when I am greeted but 14 sweet 5 yr olds! I am so excited for the year!!! I think it will be a great one!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day...Rest up!