Friday, July 29, 2011

runs this week

I got to watch the kids again today. Oh how I love being Aunt Kat :)

Sweet Girl has bug bites ALL over her sweet legs, arms, and face! She was very clingy today and so pitiful. I felt sooo bad for her! :( 

You can see one of the bug bites under her eye has made her eye all swollen :( 
Aubrey loves to feed Levi, hold Levi, and help with Levi. When Levi's bottle is in the bottle warmer, it "dings" when the bottle is ready and Aubrey always goes, "Levi bottle ready!!! Levi bottle ready!!!" And runs over to it. Today she demanded to feed Levi but pooorrr Levi...Aubrey likes to take the bottle out of his mouth every 60 seconds. When I told her I needed to feed him she got off the couch and ran around the living room with Levi's bottle in her hand!! Ha! Even hurting, she is still a little stinker!

Luke had fun playing with their new water table that Mom and Dad got Aubrey. Of course, his attention span is only about 5 minutes so by the time I filled it up, he was done playing. Haha! Ty came to play with us today so Luke LOVED having him there. They played hide and seek for about an hour and Luke hid in the same place every time :)


This weeks runs have been slow....The heat is getting to me. My next 5k is next Saturday so I'm hoping next weeks runs will be a little better.

July 25th - 1.08miles -11 min; 136 calories burned
July 26th - 1.54 miles - 15:35 min; 195 calories burned
July 27th - 1.75 miles - 17:26 min; 222 calories burned
July 28th - day off
July 29th - 2.01 miles - 20:09 min; 254 calories burned

I slacked posting my runs last week, I only ran twice because I was busy packing and moving. I have a feeling I burned a ton of calories moving in the sweltering heat!!!!!


Sunday is Ty's 26th Birthday! I took him to Academy yesterday and he picked out some shorts for running. The rest of his gift is a surprise & I can't tell until next Sunday because that is when we are going to go do it! I am super excited about it!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aunt Kat

First off, head over to my canvas blog to see some new orders! Email me at to place an order!!!

Today I got to babysit my Aubrey and Levi while Christen and Luke ran some errands for my brother in law! I just LOVE the look on their faces when I get there. Today Luke and Aubrey were beating on the door (they have one of those glass doors and then their real door) watching me walk up the stairs to their house. And both their little feet were stomping on the floor with excitement. I love being greeted by little kisses and "hey aunt kafween"s. It just makes my heart melt! Then Aubrey doesn't let me put her down unless Levi is around. And even then she thinks I am some kind of super Aunt who can hold her and Levi at the same time. haha, I wish! I can never get enough lovin from them! Levi was a little fussy today but I think that was my fault, I missed the memo of what time he was supposed to go down for another nap. Oops! He fell asleep in my arms though, which makes up for every bit of whining he did today. :) Aubrey was super sweet today helping me sing and play with Levi when he was upset. She copies everything I do, which can be quite funny sometimes!

The more I keep the kids, the more I think Christen is superwoman. :) 3 kids 3 and under...yes, she is superwoman!

Being Aunt Kat to those 3 little ones is pretty much the best job ever :)

Speaking of jobs....I have news....Stay tuned!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

some videos

Here are some videos from a few weeks ago at the lake! We had a blast swimming & jumping off the top of the boat dock in the downpour that Sunday. And yes, it was thundering and lightning and no, that is not safe!

This next one is of me diving. They always make fun of the way I dive. Ty always likes to mimic the way I dive and I must say, it is quite funny. Is it my fault noone ever taught me how to dive properly?

Happy Monday :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Room!

I am typing this on my iPhone in my new room! I moved to Birmingham today from Tuscaloosa. My room is almost done but I still have alot of boxes to go through tomorrow! I am living with my granddaddy so I have had to move a whole apartment worth of stuff into one room!!! And it is so hard to part with some stuff! Dad has about 2 truck loads of stuff to bring back to Atlanta for me! I am very greatful that my sweet granddaddy is letting me stay with him! I am taking my Meme's old room (she is in a nursing home) so it was sad going through her stuff today. :(

I am very excited to start this new chapter of my life here in Birmingham but was very sad to leave Tuscaloosa, which is another whole post.

For now I am going to bed because moving is so exhausting!!!! I will hopefully post pictures of my room soon!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tyler's Wedding

Here are a few pictures from Tyler & Cale's Wedding! I had so much fun being a part of her big day! The wedding was beautiful and the reception was SO fun!!!!

Congrats to the happy couple! Love yall!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Has it been a week?

Oops! Sorry friends, I was doing so good blogging too! Oh well. I got busy this week. I had to get ready for my friend Tyler's wedding this weekend, and go to Tuscaloosa to start packing up my apartment (I am moving in 8 days!!).

This won't be long but I wanted to tell yall I finished my 2nd book of the summer. This is a huge accomplishment for me because I am NOT a reader. I think it is very therapeutic and this summer MIGHT have turned me into a reader. We shall see. I am very picky about books. I have to read inspirational,  feel-good, make your life better books. 

I already told yall I read "Heaven is for Real" which was phenomenal. I think everyone needs to read this one!!!! I could have read it in one sitting.

I just finished "Rachel's Tears" which is about Rachel Scott, the first person shot and killed during the Columbine Shootings. She had such a heart for Jesus and this book is written by her parents describing how on fire Rachel was for the Lord. It also contains some of her journals that she wrote during high school. I would say this one is a must read. HOWEVER, the first chapter does talk alot about the shootings and after I read the first chapter, I had nightmares. I think this is because I was by myself at my apartment that night AND because I am a teacher. I was slightly terrified to pick up the book again, but I did, and I am so glad I finished it! However, there is your warning. The good part is that it only talks about the shootings in the first chapter, then it focuses on Rachel's life. Very good book!

When I finished Rachel's Tears, I immediately went to Barnes and Noble to get my next book. Is it weird that I got all excited to go get the new book? Am I a loser now? haha jk! Anyways, I watched the Jaycee Dugard special interview with Diane Sawyer last weekend on Dateline and they talked about her book that she wrote and I knew I wanted to read it. So, that is the new book I am reading now! If you haven't heard, it is called A Stolen Life. I have only read the first chapter, I am very excited to get more into it!

Ok, time to go get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Yay wedding weekend!

The Bride, Tyler, and I in college!!!
Congrats Tyler and Cale!!! Love you both!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Melissa!!! (and Matt!)

Today is my best friend, Melissa's Birthday!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Melissa!!!!

Melissa, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you are having a great day at the beach!!! I am so blessed to call you my best friend!!! I am so thankful for our friendship and I cannot wait for many more years to come!!!! Can't believe we've been friends for 10 years!!! Ready for about 70 more :) Love you soul mate!!!!!!

Today is also Matt's (Melissa's boyfriend) birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Matt! Thank you for coming into Melissa's life at the exact right time! I am so thankful that you and Melissa found each other! Thanks for being so great and wonderful to my best friend!!
Love you two!!! Happy Happy Birthday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stupid Blount County

So remember that ridiculous "Failure to Dim Lights" ticket I got back in May? Well, after finding out the ticket was $189 (yes, you read right...absurd) and much discussion with my parents, Ty's parents, and Ty; I decided to try and go fight it. The court costs were already included in the ticket so I already would have to "pay" for going to court even if I didn't go, so what would it hurt?

So this morning Ty and I got up way to early for a summer morning to head to the boondox to fight this ticket. It was about a 40 minute drive and we got there early. We settled in with about 150 other people in the courtroom. I figured this was going to take foreverrr! Anyways, two ladies said the judge was in a meeting and that they would go ahead and start dealing with minor traffic violations, so I got up and got in line. I noticed most people were paying their tickets in front of me so I thought I wasn't supposed to be in the line. Both ladies were very rude to the people in front of me so I thought they were going to yell at me when I got up there and wasn't supposed to be in the line!

When I got up to the lady, here's what our conversation sounded like:
me: "What if we want to fight our ticket?"
lady: "What are you here for?'
me: "Failure to dim my lights"
**Guy next to me dies out laughing....
lady: "You want to fight your ticket?"
me: "Yes"
lady: "Ok you have to come back in two weeks for your trial"
me: "So why is there a COURT DATE on my ticket?"
lady: "Today is your plea day, you have to come back in two weeks with the officer for your trial"
me: "um, ok" rolling my eyes trying to remain calm

Ty, my mom & dad, and Ty's parents had never heard of that. I thought thats why you had a court date????? I mean what if I had been from out of state and had just driven hours to get there. Then had to go right back and then come back 2 weeks later. RE-TAR-DED!!!! Basically they are trying to deter you from coming back to court and just paying the ticket so they can get more money. UGH!!!

Dear Blount County (aka, boondox alabama),

My suggestion to you would be to invest in some street lights on your highway so people can see at night. Then, they wouldn't have to turn on their bright lights to see where they were going and you wouldn't have to give them a ticket!!! Thanks.

-A mad citizen


Whew! I feel better now that I vented....oh and if you were wondering, I am just going to pay the stupid $189 so they won. Happy now Blount County????


On a happier note, guess what came in the mail today?????

my new running buddy!

tune belt made for iphones with otterbox covers! So I don't have to take my otterbox off my iphone everytime I go for a run!

I was so excited, I used it as soon as I opened it! It worked great, I love it!! It even has this little velcro part that ties your headphone cords up so they aren't flopping everywhere when I run! yay!

Ever since I started running last August, I have been holding my ipod/iphone in my hand when I ran and Ty thought that was crazy so I started looking into armbands and finally found this one online that I didn't have to take my otterbox cover off to fit in the armband. Ty still thinks its crazy that I run with that huge iphone but I am so addicted to runkeeper, I cannot imagine running without the app. Plus, I have to have music! I know I have only run with it once, but I am already going to recommend it to yall :)

Yesterday's Run (7/6) - ran 2.71 miles in 27:25; burned 350 calories
Today's Run (7/7) - ran 1.50 miles in 14:58; burned 189 calories; Tried to run slightly faster today so only ran 1.5 miles.

Happy Thursday :) Hope yall have a great weekend! I think we are off to the lake tomorrow!!!

I will do another post about this but tomorrow is my best friend, Melissa's birthday!!! So until I get a birthday post up, Happy Birthday Melissa!! I love you and I am so blessed to have you in my life! It is also her sweet boyfriend, Matt's birthday tomorrow, so Happy Birthday Matt!!! Hope yall both have a great day tomorrow at the beach!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday - Except I add words. ha!

My new heels! I got them for $10 at rack room shoes BOGO 1/2 off. I had to buy some shoes for a wedding so I decided to use the BOGO and found these!

The sky after one of my runs last week! Stunning!

This little guy was just hanging out in the yard 2 houses down from Ty's after one of my runs last week! So cute!

A few pictures from Molly's visit:

us with our favorite boy, RJ

love this picture of us! This is Emily, Molly, and Me

Molly's "Southern Shower" complete with houndstooth decor,  lots of southern food  and sweet tea & lemonade in Mason Jars!


I forgot to show yall the finished product from Father's Day. Our last name is Alfano.  Made from everything baseball. Can you see it?


Aubrey likes to copy everything we do and Levi had sneezed and I said, "Bless you Levi", which she repeated and I thought it was so cute so I made her repeat it for me in this video...LOVE HER!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disgusted & Running

I'm not going to spend too much time talking about this because it literally makes me sick. However, I am totally disgusted that Casey Anthony got off with only 4 counts of lying to police officers. No one will ever know what happened but something happened and she had SOMETHING to do with it and she just got away with it. Now, justice will never be served for that precious baby girl. I do not have children but I cannot imagine hurting my own child. My mind just cannot wrap itself around hurting your own flesh and blood (or any child for that matter). And if it WAS an accident, who tries to cover up an accident? and who disposes of their own child in a swamp?

I don't know why the jury did what they did today, and I will never understand, but for her to just walk free after she knows good and well she had something to do with this, disgusts me. And I have a feeling the jurors know good and well she had something to do with it too. How can you not?

She will have to face her Maker someday. And He knows exactly what happened. She will pay for what she did someday.

I rest knowing that sweet baby is in Heaven with Jesus right now. And she is out of harms way, playing with lots of other little girls.


Onto my running....I told yall last week about the "speed runs". I chose Tuesday to be my "speed run" day so I did my first one last Tuesday. This is what my runs looked like last week:

Last Monday (6/27) - ran 2.34 miles in 23:42; burned 303 calories

Last Tuesday (6/28) - ran .53 miles to the track, did 4x400 speed runs, then ran a different way home, .67 miles, so altogether with the speed runs, I totaled at 2.20 miles

Last Wednesday (6/29) - ran 2.53 miles in 25:47; burned 328 calories

Last Thursday (6/30) - Day off

Last Friday (7/1) - ran 2.60 miles in 26:10; burned 333 calories

Took Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off (hopefully won't take 3 days off in a row again, just did for the holiday weekend)

Today (Tuesday 7/5) - I did not run to the track because I wanted to stay close to home because it was raining and thundering and lightning. So, I just did 6x400 speed runs.

If you are wondering what speed runs are, they are to help me lower my 5k time. Basically, one time around the track is a 400; so when I say 4x400 speed runs, that means I ran 4 times around the track, stopping after each lap (400) and walking half the track before running another lap (400). So, today I did 6x400 (even though I didn't go to the track, I timed it) so essentially I ran 6 400s, which is a quarter mile, stopping between each one and walking 1/8 mile (half the track) in between each one. I am supposed to run each 400 (one lap) 8 seconds faster than I want my quarter mile to be in my 5k. My time that I have picked for my quarter mile is 2:28. So each 400, I must complete in 2:28, which has been easy. Every week I increase the amount of 400s I do until I get to 14x400s the week before my next 5k.
I mapped it out like this:
-June 28: 4x400
-July 5: 6x400
-July 12: 8x400
-July 19: 10x400
-July 26: 12x400
-August 2: 14x400

*5k - August 6th

Any other time I run during the week, I run normally and increase my distance each time. This program is supposed to help lower my time because my muscles in my legs get used to running a little faster from the speed run days. We shall see!

I am planning on recording my runs on here like I did today, just for my benefit. And maybe I will encourage someone else to get up and run!!! I got my inspiration to run from another blogger!! :)

Hope everyone has a great week! I will have pictures of the weekend soon.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Hooked

Ok, please tell me I'm not the only one addicted to this Casey Anthony Trial. Did she do it? Did she not? Are her parents on her side or not? Did one of her parents do it? Was it an accident or not? AHHHHH!!!

Personally, I think she did it. Whether it was an accident or not, she did it. If it WAS an accident, what kind of mother doesn't call 911 when their child drowned or is drowning in a pool? I mean seriously!!! Not to mention, she then goes on a month long party outing and tells noone that her child is gone. I'm no judge but something about that is SKETCHY! What is also sketchy to me is that her parents had no idea that their granddaughter was missing for a month? I understand that some grandparents don't see their grandchildren often because they live far away or something but they have always made it seem like they were SO involved in Casey and Caylee and they lived with them/by them so how do you not know that your granddaughter is missing? I'm very confused.

I just wanted to make sure I was not the only one crazily staring at the tv for hours watching this and taping it when I have to leave the house. Am I a loser? I hope not. I hope I'm just a concerned citizen wanting justice for that precious baby girl.

What do yall think? Did she do it?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

new canvases/happy saturday

Head over to my Canvas Blog to see some of my latest canvases! You can also access it on the right of this blog.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. I am waiting on my parents to get into town later today and then family time starts!

We always have a huge italian family get together for the 4th at my Uncle Vince's house. He lives on a bunch of land and it is always so fun! The 4th is also my Granddaddy's (mom's dad) birthday! Happy Early Birthday Granddaddy, I love you!

A year ago, a family friend passed away after injuries he sustained in Afghanistan fighting for our country so if you have time, please stop and say a prayer for his sweet family as well as his wife. I cannot imagine the pain they have gone through over the past year. Thank you to all our servicemen and women who fight for our freedom everyday!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

oh, I am looking for some nude heels for a wedding in 2 weeks - anyone have any advice as to where I might find some? I have looked online everywhere and can't seem to find any at a reasonable price! help!??