Wednesday, January 27, 2010

scentsy failure

so - One of the teachers at my school (who also happens to be Ty's 2nd cousin) started selling Scentsys and I bought one for my classroom a couple of weeks ago. My classroom WREAKS of who knows what so I was SO excited to get it and start using it. If you don't know what they are, basically they are candles without the wick and you don't light them. Its a light bulb that melts this wax lookin stuff and somehow it makes everything smell sooo good! So, when I got mine, I put it up in my classroom BEHIND my desk so no kids would be back there and strickly enforced how they were not to come close to it because it was breakable. Every other teacher has one in their rooms and have never had a problem. Well, I was out on Monday because I had to go to the Doctor and I come back Tuesday to find that my Scentsy was gone. One of my kids had BROKEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooo livid!!! I almost cried. There goes $30 down the drain. Luckily, I knew who it was and all the other teachers said I need to make her pay for it so I am going to! Or try at least. Oh and a little sidenote---last time I was out sick, they broke my pencil sharpener...I mean what is the deal? They have never broken anything when I have been there. Yet when I leave, they always find a way to break something. Well, here's what it looked like before it got broken....
Isn't it pretty? Well, not anymore! :( Luckily, since the teacher that sells them is almost family, and he is really nice....he said even if the child doesn't pay for it, he won't make me pay! :)
I also got a smaller one for my bedroom at home and I LOVE IT! You should check out the site because these things are awesome! and there are so many scents that you can pick from. You sit the wax (its not really wax) stuff in the top of it and plug it in. The light bulb heats the wax stuff up and melts it....then it smellssss soooooo good! Check them out!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

easy yummy recipe!

My sweet teacher friends always make this yummy chicken dip and bring it to school, so I decided to try it! It is perfect for eating with ritz crackers, saltines, or on a croissant as a little sandwich! It is sooo easy and so yummy. You should definitly try it!

Here's what you need:

Ritz Crackers (or Saltines/cracker of your choice/croissant), cream cheese (8oz), ranch dip (dry packet), and chicken (the kind in the can...don't know what its called)

I used the whipped cream cheese because it was easier to mix...however you can use the regular kind in the tub or the stick kind (is that what you call the other kind of cream cheese? lol). If you use the "stick kind", you'll probably have to let it sit out for a little bit to let it soften.

Also, I found some "All Natural" chicken so use that and its less fat! My crazy health nut of a boyfriend will appreciate that :)

My target was out of the regular ranch so I had to get buttermilk flavor--wasn't too sure if it would taste the same but it does!

*So, all you do is mix together all of the ingredients! I put the chicken in the bowl first so I could break the chunks of chicken up. I then added the cream cheese and stirred it a little, then added the ranch dip. Stir it up really good and here's what you get:

You can put it in a baking dish (if you make double the recipe), or a glass bowl like I used. Also, some teachers roll it up into a ball.

It is SOOOO good. The picture doesn't do it justice. You can also add bacon bits to the top of it. It makes a GREAT appetizer or lunch or snack :)

SO, the only other exciting thing that happened this week was........

I got a new dresser! I have been needing this soooo bad! My old dresser was skinny and TINY and I always ended up putting clothes on the floor beside my dresser because I could never fit everything in it. Well, Ty's cousin donated this one to me. :) I love it! The dark brown goes great with my brown/blue colors in my room. And it's HUGE and fits everything perfectly! Ty's parents brought it down on Tuesday :)

Deep thought for the day....
My "teacher" daily quiet time got me thinking the other night. It talked about how we shouldn't expect the worst each day but instead look at all the opportunities in front of us that God has given us. This really hit home because I literally count down the days to the weekend or to the next break from school I have. I started really thinking about this when my sweet teacher friend passed away in December. Life is so sweet and so short and I need to stop counting down days and start looking for all the opportunities to honor God in my day. I work with children. Sweet, sweet children. What better way to honor God than by teaching a child? I get so frustrated sometimes and lately I've been trying to relax, and talk to God all throughout the day and pray for patience and pray for the right words to say to my sweet babies. This week I have done really good not "counting down" to Friday. I didn't even realize today is Thursday. :) I really love the weekends, i mean...who doesn't? But I need to stop counting down to Friday and treasure each day I have and look for opportunities each day to honor God. Please continue to pray for me and that I will not count my days away. Life is too short to do that!

Happy Happy Thursday! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

food network and HGTV

So, lately I've been absolutely obsessed with:

Ty makes fun of me CONSTANTLY for watching these shows but I think I learn so much from them! My favorite show on HGTV is House Hunters so I learn lots of valuable information about buying a house...even though thats nowhere in the future for me. I also love House Hunters is sooo interesting to me to see how other houses/flats/apts look in other countries.

On the Food Network, my favorite shows are any Paula Deen show (come on, who doesn't love some Paula Deen?), 30 Minute Meals (love me some Racheal Ray!), Down Home with the Neelys, and Ace of Cakes. I usually don't find whole meals that I would actually make but I have gotten SOME ideas and its so neat learning what spices go with what food, etc. I desperatlely need to learn how to cook...Ty's mom is like a chef in the kitchen and so if it works out with us, I have ALOT to live up to. Ty does cook, which is a VERY good thing, but I like cooking for him...makes me feel domestic :). He used to cook for me alllll the time...our first 6 months we dated, I never cooked...he cooked all the time! Anyways, I really like cooking.....makes me feel older and its very calming (which I always need after a long day of chasing 6 yr olds around)! Anyways, if anyone has any really good recipes, PLEASE share them with me...I have a little recipe collection coming along. I've made some good stuff lately! I also love to check out the recipes on the back of food boxes or on soup cans....they always seem to have good recipes!

So, if you've never watched either of these channels, don't...unless you want to get hooked! I am seriously hooked!!!!!!!!!

I started working out again and I feel sooooo good!!! I was such a lazy bum last semester...I just never had the energy to go work out after a long day at school but I have made myself this week and last and I feel so great! I hope I can keep it up...I seriously always feel alot better when I work out regularly and I could always lose a couple pounds...especially leading up to bathing suit season :)

It was Molly's birthday on Tuesday so in honor of her...
Here's your BIRTHDAY KISS!!! Love you to the moon and back!!!! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you!

Okay, since I havent written since the BIG we go....perfect season, Iron Bowl Champions, SEC Champions, 1st Heisman Trophy Winner, and National Champions...Who could ever ask for anything more???? Gosh, last Thursday was a wonderful night! Of course, we win the first year I'm out of school but I still feel so much a part of this school because I still live in Tuscaloosa and I did just graduate. I am so glad and proud that I am a BAMA graduate and apart of BAMA NATION!!!!! I am so proud of our team and couldn't be a bigger fan right now!!! Of course, I made Ty go with me last weekend to find a National Championship T -shirt...I could tell deep down that he really wanted a shirt too ;). haha, I really need to work on converting him....poor thing, who would ever want to be am Auburn fan? :)

This was my facebook profile picture last Thursday :)

Happy Thursday :)

So glad tomorrow is Friday AND I get a 3 day weekend!!! yippee!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

more paintings!

Here are some more paintings!!!

Remember, I can do any colors, any writing...any size...whatever you want!

oh and just a little sidenote.....NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snow Day!!!! :) Somehow, I think I'm more excited about this than when I was in school. haha...I could always use a few extra days of resting. :)

Happy Wednesday and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!! We're comin after you McCoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Green and Money

So, after a recent post from someone's blog I read (Jennifer Durham), I decided to start trying to use re-usable grocery bags. I ended up finding 2 in my apt that I have collected from various places/people so I was already ahead! I went to Wal-Mart today and got another one! I carried all of my groceries up my 3 flights of stairs in ONE trip and all in those 3 bags! I am usually carrying like 13 bags on each arm to try and make it up to my apt in one trip because I refuse to go back down and make a 2nd trip for groceries. And, they all three just go right over my shoulder. I loved it. Anyways, I throw away so many grocery bags and it is just really terrible of me considering EVERYWHERE sells re-usable grocery bags to try and "go green". So...from now on....I'm Going Green....and you should too!

My 3 re-usable grocery bags! Go Me!!!!!

I also got a water purifier from Ty for Christmas and this is also a great way to save water bottles. Now, I always always reuse water bottles. I refill them ALL the time! However, Tuscaloosa water isn't that up to par so I do give in sometimes and buy new water because it really does taste different. Anyways, I am sooo excited I get to have nice clean water and I don't ever have to buy water bottles again! Well, maybe every now and then. Here is my other "Going Green" accesory.....

Ty hasn't put it on yet....I tried yesterday but....well, it's back in the box. :)

Okay...Onto Money. I need a way to make a little extra cash. I've been thinking about doing our summer program at school this summer to make a little extra cash but in the mean time...anyone have any ideas? Well, I have painted canvases for friends and family before as gifts or just for my room/their room, etc. I'll post a few pictures and if you or anyone would want one...let me know.

I have more laying around somewhere. They are really cute. I have one in my bathroom....2 in my bedroom, and even one in my closet!! In my old house, we also had them around our house. Anyways, some cute ideas for the canvases are: Names, Sayings, Bible Verses, Parts of songs, Home Sweet Home, Dorm Sweet Dorm, Sorority saying or Sorority Letters/Name, Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween, etc. I can write anything you want on it! They also come in various different sizes. I'm just in desperate need of some extra money! I am trying to pay of the last four years of college and save up for a new car and it's not going too well! haha, anyways...if you would like one or know someone who would....don't hesitate to let me know!! :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Anyone still here?

Well, to say the's been awhile. And ya know, I think my sister is the only one who reads this (which is okay with me :)) but, thats okay. I like blogging because it lets me drain my mind. And anyone who knows me, knows my mind runs at 100 miles a minute in 500 different ways. I am very scatterbrained. So, this helps me unload my brain.

Well, to recap...since last time I wrote - I went to Nashville with Ty, his parents, and my parents - did Christmas activities with my kids the last 2 days before break - and had a GREAT Christmas break. It was wayyyy too short but oh well...the countdown to Spring Break begins. :) I seriously feel like I just got out yesterday and I'm already going back tomorrow. I am very ready to see all my babies though. I spend every single day with when I am away from them for a long period of time...i miss them and I wonder what they are doing and how they are doing. :) So, even though I'm not really ready to go back to school, in a way, I'm excited because I want to see them!

My break was VERY relaxing. I did travel back and forth from Atlanta to Birmingham what seemed like 6 times but I really just went from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham to Atlanta then back to Birmingham...and now I'm back in Tuscsaloosa. I loved being with my family and Ty's family and I am so lucky that they are friends so I get to hang out with both families together alot of the time! :) I sooo enjoyed time with my nephew and niece. Luke is growing up so fast and I love that I get to actually have conversations with him now!!! He is at such a fun age. I got to see my friends from home too so that is always nice. Well, instead of sharing every detail of my break...I'll share it in pictures!

Oh-and my favorite Christmas gift....Ty got me a GPS!!!! and I'm a little obsessed with it!!!!

Luke and I at his birthday party...he can't sit still long enough to look at the camera!

Cousins on my mom's side

Ty and I before we opened our presents from each other!

Hayride at Ty's house a couple of days before Christmas!

Ty and I on New Years Eve!

I am so excited to see what God has in store for my 2010! 2009 was so wonderful, I don't know how 2010 could be any better but I think it will be!!! Between graduating, finding an amazing job, meeting my new niece, and falling in love...I'd say 2009 was pretty wonderful. :) I am so blessed and so grateful for the wonderful life God has given me and I absolutely cannot wait to see what 2010 has in store for me!!!