Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pregnancy Catch Up: How we found out & How we told our families

So, surprise!!! If you're not friends with me on facebook or instagram, my last post spilled the beans about our big news. I still have to pinch myself sometimes - we are so excited to be welcoming our little love at the end of July. I am almost 15 weeks and feeling great.

I have absolutely no complaints so far - I have felt SO good throughout this pregnancy so far and I know some women get so sick, so I really have nothing to complain about! I have only felt nauseous a handful of times early on (around weeks 6-9) and it wasn't anything a good ole Sprite couldn't fix! My hunger has been out of control and I find myself eating every hour & if I don't, my stomach growls and growls! I went through some insomnia right after Christmas Break (week 11) that ended in tears several nights in a row but I think it had more to do with anxiety about our 12 week appointment than anything else. I have felt way more at ease since our 12 week appointment, but a lot of praying has gone on since we found out!!! :) I find myself praying non-stop throughout the day that our baby is growing, the heartbeat is good & strong, and that he/she is developing properly.

First I wanted to share how I told Ty, then how we shared it with our families and then I found some pregnancy questions that I was going to answer about my 1st trimester (next post) & then ill answer each week as I move forward!

When we found out
Sunday, November 22, 2015
I had an inkling that I was pregnant from how I was feeling the previous week or so but I was nervous to take a test because I took one in October when I hadn't started my period and it was negative. And it was depressing. I didn't want to get my hopes up because I know it can take several months for some couples to get pregnant. I had a nice, expensive digital test at home and didn't want to "waste" it so I went to 3 different stores the night before looking for a "cheap" pregnancy test. My plan was to take a cheap one and if it came up positive, I would take the digital one just in case. WELL, that plan went downhill quick because I could NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME find a cheap pregnancy test! So, I gave up and just decided to take the digital one in the morning if I still hadn't started my period.

Sunday morning rolled around and my family had Thanksgiving lunch planned for the day. My sister Anna was coming from GA and I just knew it would be the perfect time to tell everyone in person if we were in fact pregnant, so I knew I wanted to take one. I wasn't really sure when I was considered 'late' because I had only had one cycle since getting off the pill and it was a LONG cycle.
I woke up around 6:30 that morning because I had to use the bathroom and couldn't hold it. About 2 minutes later, I see this and I nearly cried...

It was SO early but I couldn't imagine not telling Ty right away so I went into the bedroom & turned on our lamp and asked if he could wake up for a second. He gave me a groggy "no" and I said PLEASE as I put the test right by his face. He opened one eye, then got a big ole grin on his face! It was such a sweet moment that I'll never forget. He then asked how accurate those things were, HA!!!

I didn't tell him I was going to take a test so he was very surprised. Needless to say, we never went back to sleep and laid in bed talking for the next few hours. We were on cloud 9!

How we told our families
Sunday, November 22, 2015
We debated on how to tell our families that day and settled with taking this picture & sending it to my family's group text at some point in the day. We didn't really know when but that was the plan...

It didn't happen exactly like we'd hoped but all the kids got on my parent's bench in their house to take a cousin picture and EVERYONE had their phones out taking a picture. Ty whispered to me SEND IT NOW SEND IT NOW! So I did - and of course it took FOREVER to send. As soon as everyone set their phones down they all started to "ding" & I thought oh great the plan is ruined! ha! About 30 seconds later, my sister Anna screams OH MY GOSH!!! and runs to me, which confused everyone else so I said umm I dunno why don't you check your phones! (ha) So they did, and then - lots of screaming. :)

Ty did not want to tell anyone when we were trying because he thought it would be super fun when we got pregnant to announce it when no one knew we were trying - and I have to admit - even though it was so hard to keep that from my family, It was so fun!

After we left my family we headed to tell his family and knew we wanted to have Emma incorporated into the announcement so we went searching everywhere for a "Big Sister" shirt to wrap around her neck. Do you think we could find one? No. Of course not!

We ended up finding a shirt that said "Awesome Sister" and went with it. His parents were watching some music awards show so they were VERY preoccupied and it took them 7 (SEVEN!!!) minutes to realized what Emma's shirt said after we put it on her and let her in their house. His mom was even playing ball with Emma while watching the tv, asked what we had on her (Emma NEVER wears shirts) and when we told her a shirt she said ok! (ha) Ty videoed the whole thing and finally after 7 agonizing minutes and his mom finally taking the shirt OFF Emma, reading it for another minute, it finally clicked! His dad also didn't really get it after his mom showed him the shirt, ha! His mom said her first thought was that we were getting another dog! After she finally got over the shock of it, there were lots of hugs and tears!

His sister wasn't home that night so the next day she came  by and we had the shirt on Emma. It took her all of 30 seconds to jump in my arms - she is SO excited to be an aunt!!! :)

I am hoping to get the 1st trimester update done this week and then will hopefully do a weekly post after that. I have never been good at updating this regularly so maybe this will be an incentive to do so!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Big News!

In case you don't follow me on Facebook
or Instagram....

Emma isn't sure about this yet but we are super excited! Baby Latham is due July 26th! We are over the moon. 

Stay tuned!