Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sick :(

please pray for me. i have been sick lately and teaching is pretty much the worst job ever when you feel bad. my poor kids...i know i have been grumpy but i tried to explain to them today that i felt bad and for them to think about how they feel when they are sick and thats how i felt! anyways, i went to the dr yesterday and im waiting for some lab work to come back so hopefully we'll figure out what is wrong....the dr said it could be a stomach ulcer.

my parents and sister are coming saturday and i CANNOT wait to see them. my mom is the only person i want to see when i am sick. i am still such a baby. i cried today when i heard her voice. something about your mommy is comforting when you are sick.

so, anyone know how to upload videos? i really wanna post that one of luke from sunday! help!

so i have become completely obsessed with praying for this little girl from arizona who has brain cancer. she is so beautiful and she is only 5 years old. They found out in June that she has brain cancer when they went in for hand tremors. I usually look at her caringbridge site at least once a day to find updates about her situation. She is about to start her 3rd round of chemo, which they say can be the most difficult. I dont have kids so i do not know what it is like, but from what other people say, the love for your children is so deep. i can only imagine. what i cant imagine is what it would be like to watch your 5 year old child die of cancer. her chemo has been working so far and her tumor has shrunk so that is good! i have been praying for her and i really want you to as well! her parents are so desperate for people to pray for their daughter. thankfully, they are believers so they have hope that God will heal their daughter. i really can't imagine what it would be like to go through that kind of pain and not have a relationship with God. anyways, here is her website...please pray for her! her name is kate. I know i dont know her, but she is so precious, i just cant not look at her website and pray for her. she was supposed to go to kindergarten this year....hits me close to home. please please pray for her!!!!!

2 more days til the weekend :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

ohh rainy monday...

i hate mondays, and i hate was a rainy monday. not a good combination. i didn't get out of bed until after 6 because i really just couldnt! i wanted to lay there all day and watch movies and snug in my bed! too bad i am now a big girl and i had to go to work. i thought my kids were going to be CRAZY today because rain seriously makes them go insane...however, much to my delight, they were fine! i had 2 out so that might have had something to do with it. anyways, they were pretty sweet today, which i always love! i think i swam to school today....however, i cant complain considering my hometown is pretty much under water! poor cobb county!! praying for them! thankfully i think my house is okay, just some water in the basement. my little sister doesn't have school tomorrow because so many roads are closed and so many houses are flooded! crazy! i hope the rain ends soon. yes, its nice for a day at home full of watching movies in bed...however, not when you have a job and have to go to work! boo! we had our first day of art today and we have to go outside to get to the building. i think we walked through ankle deep water trying to get there. of course my kids couldnt just walk through the puddle, they HAD to jump in it. of course. i didnt even try to yell at them, whatever. they are kids. they're gonna do it whether i tell them not to or not! so i let them jump. yes, im a horrible teacher. lol. anyways, after art we had a little adventure. we were trying to get back inside and slithering right by the door was a baby snake! one of my little babies noticed it and screamed, "ahhh, snake!!!!!!!" then i freaked out and said ahhhh lets go this way....well this didn't work because every single one had to get up to the front to see the snake. gahhh...rain, puddles, then a snake! what next? after that they were wound up! then i heard alot of "ms. alfano, ms. alfano - that was the 1st real live snake i have ever seen!!" lol, did they know that gross thing could have bitten them? even thought it was cute (i have to admit)...snake = snake bite = poison = death. okay, maybe a little overdramatic but i am in charge of 16 little ones, i have to be paranoid!

after i got home from school i sat on the phone with my insurance company for forever...wanting to know why they wont cover my medicine. and do you think i could actually talk to a live person? no, of course not. i pressed every button imaginable and couldnt ever get that stupid robot voice to stop talking! all i wanted to do was talk to a person, not a computer robot. is that to much to ask? finally, i hung up on that stupid thing.

then i was on the phone with my bank...checks ordered a month ago and i still havent gotten them. they have been re-ordered like 3 times. do they know i got bills to pay?? UGH!

i then laid in my bed and watched house hunters instead of going to work out. i seriously need some help getting myself motivated. i just cant seem to get myself to the gym after school each day. i WANT to, i really really do. i love working out. but after teaching all day? its the last thing i wanna do. anyone have any tips to help me get motivated??? i need help!

yesterday i got to babysit my niece and nephew while my sister and her husband cleaned up their new house. i hope i was of some help! me and ty did the best we could. all i did was snug with aubrey and ty played with luke. aubrey LOVES to snug, and so does aunt kat! :) so thats what we did all day. and i LOVED IT!!!!! i was a happy aunt yesterday! luke is getting so favorite thing that he says now is "roll tide!" ---it sounds something like now granted, he does say war eagle! what a confused little boy he's gonna be! i havent uploaded my pictures from yesterday but here are some i took on my phone..

i have a video of luke but i cant figure out how to post it! anyone wanna help?

Friday, September 18, 2009

short and sweet

what a day, we spent pretty much all 7 1/2 hours of our school day working on reading and math tests...with some fun reading centers squeezed in somewhere. poor kids. they didn't have a clue on their math test. im probably going to have to go back and reteach it. but when? our crazy schedules dont give us an extra week to go back and teach things they didn't understand! ugh! Lord, help me...

ty and i are going on a date tonight!! yay!! we never eat out because ty doesnt like to eat out so we usually cook...which is okay with me. but sometimes a girl likes to be taken out on a date! so, here we go.....YAY!

happy friday and roll tide! nothin like seein the RVs roll in on friday afternoons during football it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"i didn't do it"

i hate those words! usually when a kid says that, they did do it. i wonder if i ever said that as a child? probably. sorry mom. today i caught a kid tearing up a note i wrote to his mother and he cried all the way down the hallway "I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!", seriously? someone else went into YOUR backpack, took out YOUR folder, took YOUR note, and tore it in half, crunched it into a ball and put it back in YOUR backpack? honestly. am i stupid? clearly he thinks i am.

#1 pet peeve as a teacher - tattling, can't stand it.
#2 pet peeve as a teacher - saying "i didn't do it", we all know you did, especially if you are saying you didn't.

on a different note, after dealing with the above situation, overseeing detention (with a crazy kindergartener...seriously...a kindergartener in detention?), planning, getting ready for next week and not leaving school til 5, i went to brunos to get chicken and they didn't have any!!! i mean seriously, what kind of grocery store doesnt freaking have chicken!??????? so i had to drive ALL the way across town to publix...on campus (ugh, traffic!) and get chicken. what a pain in the butt. brunos, you have seriously disappointed me. like i say to my kids when they have done something wrong, "how sad."

okay, enough venting. im going to make dinner for ty. :)

yayyy tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! my most favoritest (yes, thats a word) day of the week!

how much longer til Christmas break? ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


so this weekend was the 1st weekend i was in tuscaloosa since graduation! crazy! every weekend we either went to birmingham, the lake, we were out of town, or i was home. it felt good to actually not have to travel, even though i did have an amazing summer going all these places, its nice to stay home once in awhile. saturday was also the first bama football game at home! friday night i babysat my precious kids that i have been babysitting for about 2 years. the little girl just started kindergarten so she told me all about her teacher and her new firends. the twins are now almost 2 and are sooo cute! they weren't too sure of me though, they kept checkin me out wondering if i was fit to care for them. lol. anyways, saturday brought tailgating, friends, family, good food, and FOOTBALL! my favorite! there is something about being on the quad on gameday, there is nothing like it. it makes my heart smile. me and lauren were weirded out the whole day because we aren't students anymore. it felt like we were visiting or something. it was so weird! maybe it will get better as the season goes on and we'll get used to being alumni and sitting in the regular section instead of the student section! me and lauren decided that we were only going to pay around 20 bucks for tickets and if we didn't get them then we would just watch it at a bar or something. so around 20 minutes before gametime we started to walk around trying to find someone to negotiate with. a bunch of people kept saying 40 each, then we found 35, then 30, and then lauren worked her magic and found us some for $25! AND they were GREAT SEATS! lower level, about 45 yard line! we had fun at the game....bama pulled out the win against FIU 40-14! :) nothing like a home game at good ole' bryant-denny. and just so you know, molly...WE MISSED YOU! before the game lauren wanted a new bama shirt so we walked around and i ended up buying my niece, aubrey a new bama outfit :). Christen, don't worry, you will love it and she will look so freakin cute in it! way better than any auburn outfit! all in all, great day for some bama football. today me and ty layed around for some much needed relaxation! somehow i know tomorrow i'll already be tired....never matter how much i get caught up on sleep on the weekend, monday i am already exhausted! wish i had pictures from this weekend, but i dont. :( maybe next week!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st game as an alum...

Saturday Dad and I went to the BAMA/VT game in Atlanta and we had soooo much fun! It was a pretty intense game, but ended wonderfully. :) When we were walking to the game I realized it was my 1st game as an, crazy! I sometimes still don't feel like I am done with college. I am done with college!? Weird. Probably me still living here has something to do with it....even though I RARELY go on campus. I feel like I live in a little bubble....home, school, home, school....and the occasional trip to wal-mart! Anyways, back to the game....thanks to the Hoover's, me and dad sat on the 45 yard line in the "club" level and in padded seats! We felt like royalty to say the least. I am so gald dad got to go with me....he's the reason I'm a BAMA fan! Everyone else in my family is an Auburn fan so we always get to bond over bama football games. :) Anyways, this year will be interesting because I don't have tickets to the games for the first time in 4 years....I think I'm just going to buy them before the game each week. Maybe try to find some earlier to the bigger games. Well, here are some pictures from our fabulous weekend.

This week is going by so fast! Monday was a wonderful day off....minus my car breaking down...but no fear, dad has revived it YET AGAIN! lol, the thing will never die. ever. Anyways, yesterday I had a meeting all day and it went by pretty fast...and today is already Wednesday, wow! Only 2 more days til the weekend. Three day work week is what I'm talkin about..... =)

One of my sweet babies moved yesterday and I didn't even get to tell him bye because I had a sub yesterday :( how sad. He was so sweet and sooo smart! I got a little taste this morning of how much I really care for my babies....

Here are some update pictures of my classroom!!!!

We have added postcards from "Miss Molly" to our board! We also found a big map of the world and drew a line from Tuscaloosa to Dusseldorf! My kids love when we get postcards from her :)

My Reading Corner :)

My new rocking chair from Heather (Ty's cousin)....I love it!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my kids

so i was selected by my principal to attend gifted/talented meetings where we learn how to teach our gifted/talented students in 1st grade. I had to leave today at 11:30 to go to the meeting. I enjoy going because they are interesting and of course, I get to leave school early and actually talk to adults, not 6 year olds! However, I got a little sad when I was driving to the meeting. Today they were learning a new things in Grammar and Writing and I wasn't going to be there to teach it to them! Would the sub do a good job? Would they understand? I know you think I'm crazy but those kids have become my babies and I want to teach them new material! Yes, I will be there tomorrow to review what they learned today, but I was all worried about them today because I wasn't there. I don't know what has come over me but basically, I love being there and I love teaching them! I have become a bit protective of them and even though I know the sub was probably great, I still worried. The whole time I was at the meeting I wondered what they were doing.....Would they go home on the right bus? Would they remember to put their textbook in their backpack? Would they miss me? Were they being good for the sub? What did they eat for snack? hahaa ohhhh how my life has changed.....

for the better! :)

I am cooking hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans for Ty tonight :) Wish me luck! He has always been the cook but I have started lately. I love cooking for him! I just need to learn how to cook some good things! Would anyone like to share thier favorite recipe?