Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I'm going to need to know who makes these holidays up. 

I'm going to need a #nationalwineday STAT. 

Who can make it happen? 

Ok great. Now that that's settled, let's move right along...

Any reason to celebrate this face, I'll gladly do it.

Happy National Dog Day friends!!!

Emma loves to snuggle.

She loves to stick her head out the window.

She HATES to have her nails shaved down, but is always a trooper. Her best sad puppy eyes come when she's having her nails shaved.

She adores the lake. She will swim and play ALL day. She actually starts whining when we turn on the road to the lake house. She knows exactly where we are going!

And she's a pretty good hunting buddy too.

We love our girl so much! 

Just for fun, here she is on the day we brought her home...


Yes I said puppies instead of babies.  :) 

Go hug your fur baby today! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

August Update

Well, it's been almost a month AGAIN since I updated but we bought a house and I started school a week later so I have a good excuse, right?!? 

Ok great. 

Moving right along.

Here's what we've been up to....

This stud muffin turned THIRTY on July 31st! We ended up celebrating a week later on the same day I had meet the teacher (why do I do stuff like that to myself??). 
{I mean really, he was such a doll wasn't he??}

We cooked out at my parents house with lots of family and friends!!! I took exactly ZERO pictures at the party but did snag this one of his chalkboard and banner I made him. 

The picture banner was 1 picture from every year of his life and my gosh he was a cute kid. I had the best time going through his moms albums picking out my favorites for the banner!

The chalkboard had all the hits from 1985 (the year he was born). Thank you Pinterest for the idea!!!

(Just imagine the V in TV is there, I snapped this up close picture before I rewrote the V! Ha!)

30 never looked so good, babe! (Picture was from our rehearsal dinner - it's not a recent one!)

We moved in on August 2nd and we were so thankful to both our families for helping! My sister Jeri was a mad woman unpacking my kitchen!

Ryce tried on my shower cap and we had to snap a picture! 

The same week I went back to work for teacher workdays & then enjoyed my last weekend of summer. We took the girls to the pool and had a blast!!

The next week on Wednesday was he first day with students! We managed to get the kids fed and home on the right bus. I'd say that was a success! Here we are after the first day! Love my sweet team!

We've enjoyed Steel City Pops...

And put curtains on our head...

We've done a bit of decorating...

And I discovered the selfie stick at school...
Selfie stick, where have you been all my life?

We had our first house guest this weekend...

And she brought us the sweetest house warming gift. 

Thank tou Melissa for the thoughtful gift, we love you!!!

And Melissa and I had a great bestie weekend!!!!

Oh yea, and Ryce discovered ranch dip.

And he LOVED IT! He was licking it off the chips. He's totally an Alfano. 

Alfano's love ranch dip. 

I'm hoping to get together some before and after pictures of our house but I'm not quite ready yet!!! We haven't sat down since we moved in...always a project to do!!!! :) 

Happy Monday friends!