Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday Friends! Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesdays! 

This is the perfect post because I have already starting dreaming of our first little get together with family or friends around our new farmhouse table...

My father in law is incredibly talented and made us this table last week! He also made us a Bench to match (not pictured). I will forever be grateful for it & have been dreaming of our future meals around this table. If you come from an Italian family like me, you know that you don't just sit around a table for a meal...you sit around it for hours and hours after lunch or dinner talking, laughing, sharing stories, etc. I have vivid memories of going to my Nana and Poppy's house listening to my grandparents, parents & aunts and uncles talk and laugh for hours around the table. I can't wait to make memories around this table. 

So, enough sappy for one post! Let's get this dinner party started! I literally just picked the first 5 people that came to mind that I'd love to meet. 

So here's my 5 dinner party guests...

1 & 2. George and Laura Bush

Does it get any cuter than these two? I just adore them. They seem so down to earth and so humble and graceful. I can only imagine the conversations we would have and the things I would learn from these two. They are just the cutest! 

3. Joanna Gaines

I am seriously obsessed with her. It's a little unhealthy. Melissa and I are currently planning our trip to see the Silos open and shop in her store. And then drive around Waco and find her farm, pour her a cup of coffee in her kitchen, and then become BFFs with her. 

A girl can dream, right??

Joanna has a wonderful testimony (go google it if you've never watched her testimony video!) and she is just so fun! I love her and Chip's relationship, I love how cute her kids are, I love her style, and I need her farmhouse in my life. 

After dinner, she will decorate my house for me. I hope she brings Chip and Clint too. 

4. Oprah

You can't have a dinner party without Oprah can you? 

My husband would cringe that she was in our kitchen but I just love her. I miss her at 4:00 every day on my TV. I always watched Oprah! 

I need to hear all her stories of the amazing people she has interviewed over a pot of coffee. 

5. Kate Middleton

Am I the only one in love with her? She is so gorgeous, is rockin the royalty/mama role, and I really think she probably loves her sweats (just like I do) when she's at home. I love that she's not letting someone else raise her babies and taking an active role in motherhood even though she is royalty. And my goodness her outfits are just perfect. And can we just talk about how good she looks 5 hours after giving birth??? Sheesh. I need some pointers from the princess. I also think she would get along great with my other dinner party guests. 

So there's my list! I hope George doesn't mind being the only boy. :)

Who would you invite over for dinner? Go link up with Andrea!