Saturday, July 14, 2012

Emma & Scooter

(scooter is my Granddaddy's dog)

Emma and Scooter have quite the relationship. Emma is annoying to any adult dog but Scooter gets overly annoyed by her playfulness. Emma seems to think that any and every dog she comes into contact with wants to play with her non-stop. She jumps at them, bites their ears, and barks at them constantly because she wants to play. Scooter is not the least bit impressed with her & never wants to play. When he gets fed up with it he will snap at her and Emma cries & leaves him alone for a little bit. Then she's back at it. Poor Scooter, or poor Emma?? Ha!

They have quite the jealous bone (ha!) as well. Emma cannot stand it when Ty and I give Scooter any attention, she barks her head off & tries to get in or face so Scooter can't be in front of us. It's kinda cute. :)

The other night Emma decided that she wanted to lay on my pillow & I couldn't make her get down because she's so darn cute. :) She is getting so big but still has that puppy face & I just can't say no to it!

(the first picture is of Scooter when I picked him up from the vet this morning!)

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