Friday, July 29, 2011

runs this week

I got to watch the kids again today. Oh how I love being Aunt Kat :)

Sweet Girl has bug bites ALL over her sweet legs, arms, and face! She was very clingy today and so pitiful. I felt sooo bad for her! :( 

You can see one of the bug bites under her eye has made her eye all swollen :( 
Aubrey loves to feed Levi, hold Levi, and help with Levi. When Levi's bottle is in the bottle warmer, it "dings" when the bottle is ready and Aubrey always goes, "Levi bottle ready!!! Levi bottle ready!!!" And runs over to it. Today she demanded to feed Levi but pooorrr Levi...Aubrey likes to take the bottle out of his mouth every 60 seconds. When I told her I needed to feed him she got off the couch and ran around the living room with Levi's bottle in her hand!! Ha! Even hurting, she is still a little stinker!

Luke had fun playing with their new water table that Mom and Dad got Aubrey. Of course, his attention span is only about 5 minutes so by the time I filled it up, he was done playing. Haha! Ty came to play with us today so Luke LOVED having him there. They played hide and seek for about an hour and Luke hid in the same place every time :)


This weeks runs have been slow....The heat is getting to me. My next 5k is next Saturday so I'm hoping next weeks runs will be a little better.

July 25th - 1.08miles -11 min; 136 calories burned
July 26th - 1.54 miles - 15:35 min; 195 calories burned
July 27th - 1.75 miles - 17:26 min; 222 calories burned
July 28th - day off
July 29th - 2.01 miles - 20:09 min; 254 calories burned

I slacked posting my runs last week, I only ran twice because I was busy packing and moving. I have a feeling I burned a ton of calories moving in the sweltering heat!!!!!


Sunday is Ty's 26th Birthday! I took him to Academy yesterday and he picked out some shorts for running. The rest of his gift is a surprise & I can't tell until next Sunday because that is when we are going to go do it! I am super excited about it!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. You've still left us hanging about your new job!!!

  2. What an awesome aunt you are!!! I know Christen really appreciates it!!

  3. Aw... Christen kids sound so adorable!!! I'm sure they love you and are so lucky to have such a great Aunt!

  4. Aubrey wants to feed Levi every time he eats now and throws a tantrum when I say no, but it's too torturous on Levi to let her feed him :)
    As soon as she hears the bottle warmer beep, she yells, "Aubrey dude it!, Aubrey dude it!" (Aubrey do it!)