Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aunt Kat

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Today I got to babysit my Aubrey and Levi while Christen and Luke ran some errands for my brother in law! I just LOVE the look on their faces when I get there. Today Luke and Aubrey were beating on the door (they have one of those glass doors and then their real door) watching me walk up the stairs to their house. And both their little feet were stomping on the floor with excitement. I love being greeted by little kisses and "hey aunt kafween"s. It just makes my heart melt! Then Aubrey doesn't let me put her down unless Levi is around. And even then she thinks I am some kind of super Aunt who can hold her and Levi at the same time. haha, I wish! I can never get enough lovin from them! Levi was a little fussy today but I think that was my fault, I missed the memo of what time he was supposed to go down for another nap. Oops! He fell asleep in my arms though, which makes up for every bit of whining he did today. :) Aubrey was super sweet today helping me sing and play with Levi when he was upset. She copies everything I do, which can be quite funny sometimes!

The more I keep the kids, the more I think Christen is superwoman. :) 3 kids 3 and under...yes, she is superwoman!

Being Aunt Kat to those 3 little ones is pretty much the best job ever :)

Speaking of jobs....I have news....Stay tuned!!!

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  1. We are so grateful to have Aunt Kat help us out so often!