Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disgusted & Running

I'm not going to spend too much time talking about this because it literally makes me sick. However, I am totally disgusted that Casey Anthony got off with only 4 counts of lying to police officers. No one will ever know what happened but something happened and she had SOMETHING to do with it and she just got away with it. Now, justice will never be served for that precious baby girl. I do not have children but I cannot imagine hurting my own child. My mind just cannot wrap itself around hurting your own flesh and blood (or any child for that matter). And if it WAS an accident, who tries to cover up an accident? and who disposes of their own child in a swamp?

I don't know why the jury did what they did today, and I will never understand, but for her to just walk free after she knows good and well she had something to do with this, disgusts me. And I have a feeling the jurors know good and well she had something to do with it too. How can you not?

She will have to face her Maker someday. And He knows exactly what happened. She will pay for what she did someday.

I rest knowing that sweet baby is in Heaven with Jesus right now. And she is out of harms way, playing with lots of other little girls.


Onto my running....I told yall last week about the "speed runs". I chose Tuesday to be my "speed run" day so I did my first one last Tuesday. This is what my runs looked like last week:

Last Monday (6/27) - ran 2.34 miles in 23:42; burned 303 calories

Last Tuesday (6/28) - ran .53 miles to the track, did 4x400 speed runs, then ran a different way home, .67 miles, so altogether with the speed runs, I totaled at 2.20 miles

Last Wednesday (6/29) - ran 2.53 miles in 25:47; burned 328 calories

Last Thursday (6/30) - Day off

Last Friday (7/1) - ran 2.60 miles in 26:10; burned 333 calories

Took Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off (hopefully won't take 3 days off in a row again, just did for the holiday weekend)

Today (Tuesday 7/5) - I did not run to the track because I wanted to stay close to home because it was raining and thundering and lightning. So, I just did 6x400 speed runs.

If you are wondering what speed runs are, they are to help me lower my 5k time. Basically, one time around the track is a 400; so when I say 4x400 speed runs, that means I ran 4 times around the track, stopping after each lap (400) and walking half the track before running another lap (400). So, today I did 6x400 (even though I didn't go to the track, I timed it) so essentially I ran 6 400s, which is a quarter mile, stopping between each one and walking 1/8 mile (half the track) in between each one. I am supposed to run each 400 (one lap) 8 seconds faster than I want my quarter mile to be in my 5k. My time that I have picked for my quarter mile is 2:28. So each 400, I must complete in 2:28, which has been easy. Every week I increase the amount of 400s I do until I get to 14x400s the week before my next 5k.
I mapped it out like this:
-June 28: 4x400
-July 5: 6x400
-July 12: 8x400
-July 19: 10x400
-July 26: 12x400
-August 2: 14x400

*5k - August 6th

Any other time I run during the week, I run normally and increase my distance each time. This program is supposed to help lower my time because my muscles in my legs get used to running a little faster from the speed run days. We shall see!

I am planning on recording my runs on here like I did today, just for my benefit. And maybe I will encourage someone else to get up and run!!! I got my inspiration to run from another blogger!! :)

Hope everyone has a great week! I will have pictures of the weekend soon.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I feel the exact same way about Casey Anthony! I can only hope that she is now never able to hold a job, find another boyfriend,have another baby, gain another friendship and spends the rest of her life only being able to spend her time with her schemeing parents. She is just disgusting in my book!