Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Hooked

Ok, please tell me I'm not the only one addicted to this Casey Anthony Trial. Did she do it? Did she not? Are her parents on her side or not? Did one of her parents do it? Was it an accident or not? AHHHHH!!!

Personally, I think she did it. Whether it was an accident or not, she did it. If it WAS an accident, what kind of mother doesn't call 911 when their child drowned or is drowning in a pool? I mean seriously!!! Not to mention, she then goes on a month long party outing and tells noone that her child is gone. I'm no judge but something about that is SKETCHY! What is also sketchy to me is that her parents had no idea that their granddaughter was missing for a month? I understand that some grandparents don't see their grandchildren often because they live far away or something but they have always made it seem like they were SO involved in Casey and Caylee and they lived with them/by them so how do you not know that your granddaughter is missing? I'm very confused.

I just wanted to make sure I was not the only one crazily staring at the tv for hours watching this and taping it when I have to leave the house. Am I a loser? I hope not. I hope I'm just a concerned citizen wanting justice for that precious baby girl.

What do yall think? Did she do it?

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  1. Um, no....I've been watching it all day today and most days this summer so far! Honestly, I don't think they'll get her for first degree murder because there's holes in the prosecution's case, but second degree murder and life in prison w/o parole for sure.