Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stupid Blount County

So remember that ridiculous "Failure to Dim Lights" ticket I got back in May? Well, after finding out the ticket was $189 (yes, you read right...absurd) and much discussion with my parents, Ty's parents, and Ty; I decided to try and go fight it. The court costs were already included in the ticket so I already would have to "pay" for going to court even if I didn't go, so what would it hurt?

So this morning Ty and I got up way to early for a summer morning to head to the boondox to fight this ticket. It was about a 40 minute drive and we got there early. We settled in with about 150 other people in the courtroom. I figured this was going to take foreverrr! Anyways, two ladies said the judge was in a meeting and that they would go ahead and start dealing with minor traffic violations, so I got up and got in line. I noticed most people were paying their tickets in front of me so I thought I wasn't supposed to be in the line. Both ladies were very rude to the people in front of me so I thought they were going to yell at me when I got up there and wasn't supposed to be in the line!

When I got up to the lady, here's what our conversation sounded like:
me: "What if we want to fight our ticket?"
lady: "What are you here for?'
me: "Failure to dim my lights"
**Guy next to me dies out laughing....
lady: "You want to fight your ticket?"
me: "Yes"
lady: "Ok you have to come back in two weeks for your trial"
me: "So why is there a COURT DATE on my ticket?"
lady: "Today is your plea day, you have to come back in two weeks with the officer for your trial"
me: "um, ok" rolling my eyes trying to remain calm

Ty, my mom & dad, and Ty's parents had never heard of that. I thought thats why you had a court date????? I mean what if I had been from out of state and had just driven hours to get there. Then had to go right back and then come back 2 weeks later. RE-TAR-DED!!!! Basically they are trying to deter you from coming back to court and just paying the ticket so they can get more money. UGH!!!

Dear Blount County (aka, boondox alabama),

My suggestion to you would be to invest in some street lights on your highway so people can see at night. Then, they wouldn't have to turn on their bright lights to see where they were going and you wouldn't have to give them a ticket!!! Thanks.

-A mad citizen


Whew! I feel better now that I vented....oh and if you were wondering, I am just going to pay the stupid $189 so they won. Happy now Blount County????


On a happier note, guess what came in the mail today?????

my new running buddy!

tune belt made for iphones with otterbox covers! So I don't have to take my otterbox off my iphone everytime I go for a run!

I was so excited, I used it as soon as I opened it! It worked great, I love it!! It even has this little velcro part that ties your headphone cords up so they aren't flopping everywhere when I run! yay!

Ever since I started running last August, I have been holding my ipod/iphone in my hand when I ran and Ty thought that was crazy so I started looking into armbands and finally found this one online that I didn't have to take my otterbox cover off to fit in the armband. Ty still thinks its crazy that I run with that huge iphone but I am so addicted to runkeeper, I cannot imagine running without the app. Plus, I have to have music! I know I have only run with it once, but I am already going to recommend it to yall :)

Yesterday's Run (7/6) - ran 2.71 miles in 27:25; burned 350 calories
Today's Run (7/7) - ran 1.50 miles in 14:58; burned 189 calories; Tried to run slightly faster today so only ran 1.5 miles.

Happy Thursday :) Hope yall have a great weekend! I think we are off to the lake tomorrow!!!

I will do another post about this but tomorrow is my best friend, Melissa's birthday!!! So until I get a birthday post up, Happy Birthday Melissa!! I love you and I am so blessed to have you in my life! It is also her sweet boyfriend, Matt's birthday tomorrow, so Happy Birthday Matt!!! Hope yall both have a great day tomorrow at the beach!!!


  1. Oh how annoying!!! Wow - I'm so sorry for that experience. Mental note: don't drive through Blount County at night!

  2. Sorry for your awful experience...that sounds terrible! I want to get back into running and working thanks for the recommendation on the tune belt and running buddy. I admit I have to have my i-phone with me as well, so don't feel bad!