Thursday, August 4, 2011

A short update!

I am sorry I have been MIA this week! I still do not have a computer and haven't really had time to get on Ty's to update this week! So for now, iPhone blog!

As some of you may know, I moved to Birmingham a few weeks ago and have been trying to find a teaching job in the area since March. I have had no luck, not even so much as an interview! So, I started thinking of plan B options because I had to have a job! I looked into nannying and a few other odd jobs and then out of the blue my uncle called wondering if I still needed a job. He had a few openings at his medical billing office. So, after a few interviews and phone conversations, they hired me! I obviously have no medical billing background so they really took a chance with me, which I am so greatful!

Since it is my uncles company, I know he had some pull but they did NOT have to hire me. So I feel very blessed.

I started Monday and am just learning the ropes right now. I have alot to learn!!!

I have gotten a little sad lately with school starting and me not being a part of it but I know God has a purpose and reason for everything. SO, for the time being, I do transmissions and accounts receivables follow up for a medical billing company! Wish me luck!!!

On to my runs for the week...

Monday I ran 2.26 miles in 22:41; 288 calories burned
Tuesday I ran 2.51 miles in 25:31; 321 calories burned
Wednesday I took the day off to rest my muscles
Today I ran 3.14 miles in 32:08; 403 calories burned

I am all ready for my 5k on Saturday! Melissa and I are running it together so I am very excited!!!! I will post pics next week!

I have a new craft to show you that I did this week! Again, will post pics next week!!!

Hope y'all have a great Friday!!!

And thank you to those who commented on my last post, y'all are so sweet!

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