Monday, November 2, 2015


Happy November Friends!!!

I know you have probably already seen these, but they were too funny not to share!!!

hahahaha those made me laugh.
But for real, I'm that girl that starts to listen to Christmas music the first week in November. I would totally start decorating if my husband would let me. Why only enjoy the twinkling lights for 1 month when you can enjoy them for 2?
It's our first Christmas in our new house and I am SOOO excited to decorate and enjoy all our "firsts" in our home.

No worries though, I already put out some Thanksgiving décor so it is not being forgotten!!!

I thought for the month of November I would do a little challenge. I have never blogged on a regular basis so that is going to be my goal this month. I know doing a post every single day is not going to happen because well, LIFE. But I am going to try my hardest to post during the week 3 or 4 days. Let's hope my next post isn't on December 1st. ha! :)

Join along if you'd like!

Here's what this week looks like...and guess what? It's all about food...what could be better!?!

Tuesday - Favorite Fall Meal - Breakfast Edition
Wednesday - Favorite Fall Meal - Dinner Edition
Thursday - Favorite Fall Meal - Dessert Edition

Friday my best friend Melissa is coming in from out of town so I will be enjoying my time with her! It is officially Christmas Village week here in Birmingham and I could NOT be any more excited. For all my non local friends, its just about the best thing ever. It totally gets you in the spirit! It is basically a gigantic arts and crafts show that includes food, clothes, crafts, home décor, etc. Its so fun! If you live in Birmingham, you need to go. It's awesome!

See yall back here tomorrow!

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