Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine started off like this Friday morning...

I wish the streaks from my windshield weren't in the picture but it's still breathtaking isn't it? I have an hour long drive to and from school every morning and watching the sunrise is seriously my FAVORITE part of each morning. I am NOT a morning person at all but I actually enjoy my morning commute because it gives me time to wake up, drink my coffee, and be silent by myself before 15 six year olds are calling my name for 8 hours. There's something so magical about watching the sunrise. It's God's promise of a new day. A fresh new day. It literally takes my breath away every morning as I watch it.

After school, my mom & sister Jeri &  I threw a little "last baby shower" for my sister Christen. She is about to give birth to her SIXTH baby and we are super excited but since this is her last, we thought it would be fun to have one last hoorah before baby #6 makes his grand entrance! She's also been quarantined to her chair in her living room for the past month or so in hopes that the baby stayed in until he was full term so we thought this would help with her cabin fever.

Doesn't she look great!?! I love a good belly picture!

Sweet baby Grant we are ready for you!!!
These are THE BEST cookies I have ever put in my mouth. My friend Allison's cousin makes them and they are seriously heavenly! And oh so pretty too. :)

Our baby #6 banner.

Levi loves the cookies.

And so do Aubrey and Kate!!
Saturday Ty had to do yard work (which is all he does these days...but I must say, our yard looks rockin'!!) and I went to a craft show with Ty's parents and my friend Rachel. We had the best time shopping and chatting our way through all the booths. I got started on my Christmas shopping and came home with THE MOST COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS EVER.
Seriously, they are heavenly. I can't stop touching my legs when I wear them. And I have a feeling that will be alot this winter.
I got them with the intention for them to be PJ pants, but I've seen people wear these reindeer leggings with cute black pikos before so I think I can pull it off in the month of December, right?
Rachel snagged a pair too so we could be twinkies. We are both obsessed with them.
After the craft show, I loved on these puppies whose mama lives across the street from Ty's parents...
And I melted into a puddle while I was cuddling with them. Their eyes aren't even open yet!! Who thinks Emma needs a little friend??? I do!!!!
#operationgettyonboard #emmaneedsafriend
Saturday afternoon I went to my parents house to watch the Alabama game (ROLL TIDE!!!) while Ty finished yard work and then we watched the Florida/LSU game at Ty's parents house to wrap up the night.
Sunday I went to my cousin's baby shower and spent the rest of the day cleaning and on the couch. I didn't take any pictures from the shower but I did manage to find this on instagram and laughed outloud....
Who's with me on this??
I'm a leggings fanatic.
We should totally be able to wear them to work, right? Think of how happy we'd be. 

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