Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our Weekend : Lazy

Ty and I had nothing on the calendar this weekend and it was amazing. By the end of football season & the holidays every year I get excited for some downtime in January and February. Somehow this year we haven't had any! We have been so busy so this weekend was so nice and so needed! I met my sister & her kids after school Friday for a Steel City Pops date (local friends - go there now and get a new cookie pop. Heaven. On. A. Stick.). After our Popsicle date I went to work out - sounds funny I know...had to work off that Popsicle!!! And since then, we've been on the couch binge watching Dexter on Netflix! We did manage to get out of our pjs & go on a date last night & enjoyed a yummy dinner at PF Changs! But then it was back on the couch for us. I just love weekends like this. So relaxing and so refreshing! 

Here's what Emma did all weekend...

Spoiled much??

Speaking of this chick....She had her 3rd birthday last weekend!!! And daddy gave her pizza. 

Doesn't everyone give their dog pizza on their birthday?? ;)

I can't believe she is 3! It seems like yesterday we picked her up at 6 weeks old!! We love our sweet girl! 

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend like us! 

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