Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hello FRIDAY!!! Oh yes, Fridays are my favorite! I'm linking up with some fabulous ladies for some Friday Favorites! 

1. This view.
2. This candle.

I crammed 2 favorites into one picture! First, I love this view!! One afternoon this week, I was cooking and I turned around and saw this view and it was like my world stopped for a second. It was beautiful outside, this yummy candle was burning, the door was open, Friends was on, and my heart was full! And speaking of that candle, holy moly! My sweet cousin-in-law (to be) gave me this candle for helping with her bridal tea and I am IN LOVE! I'm a candle and Scentsy fanatic and just love when the apartment smells good. This candle is by far my favorite ever! It's lemon flavored and smells so amazing. And how cute is it?? A candle in a mason jar?? What more could a southern girl want? 
If you're local, here's her info:

I'm not sure if she ships or not but it wouldn't hurt asking! They are amazing!

3. I ordered these stud earrings from Nordstrom a few weeks ago and they finally showed up on my doorstep this week! I absolutely love them! And the best part? They were only $8 & come in several other colors. I have a feeling I may go back for more. ;)

4. MaraNatha Almond Butter
Yum yum yum!!!! As you can see, there's a spoon in there. No, I didn't eat it straight from the spoon but I totally could have! 

5. Timehop
was late to the timehop bandwagon but it's so addicting! I love checking the app every day to see what I had posted in years past. This precious baby popped up this week and my heart melted. He was so tiny!!!! 

6. Ice cream cone cure for a Monday
I posted this on Instagram but I thought I'd share it again. This is for all the people who think Ty never eats anything unhealthy. 
Ty is a health nut and has so much will power when it comes to sweets. I can only dream of turning down candy or cake or cookies like he can. (But do I want to???) He came home Monday with a DQ ice cream cone and said it was free cone day so he got one. He then begged me for several hours to go back and get another one. Well, you don't have to ask me twice...(again with the will power, I have none) as soon as we ate and I cleaned the kitchen and finished laundry, we went to DQ to get some free cones! It was the perfect end to the Monday blues! 

7. Beautiful weather means more walks with Emma! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! This sweet baby is coming to visit with his mommy & daddy and I cannot wait!!!

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