Monday, March 23, 2015


I heard on the radio this morning that it was National Puppy Day. I'd love to know who comes up with these ridiculous holidays...but I'm not complaining because I about died going through Emma-as-a-puppy pictures! 

This was a picture the breeder sent us before we were allowed to pick her up. I think this was when she was around 3 weeks old. What a chunk!!!

Our first picture together right after we got her!! 6 weeks old! 

Oh my, heart melted.

Wasn't she the cutest thing?
I could eat her up!!

That face!!!

Happy happy baby!

Mom, the vet is no fun!!

Oh how I love reminiscing! Everytime I look at her puppy pictures I tell Ty we need a new puppy. ;) 

There's just something about a sweet little puppy!!!

And just because this is all about Emma, here's what she's been up to lately..

Hanging her head out the car window :)

Is this your spot mom??

She loves to play ball! 

Hope you've found some sweet puppy pictures of your favorite dog and celebrated #nationalpuppyday too! 

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