Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have officially logged 52 miles this month!!!! I am so excited that I met my goal this month because I didn't last month & I was determined to this month! I finished today with a 2 mile run & a .7 mile walk. I know I have said this before but I HAVE to have a goal in order to be motivated, so I enjoyed joining with @hausofgirls on Instagram the past 2 months. I also went after it this month with weights and did upper body & lower body along with my runs & ab workouts. Now if I could only LOVE eating vegetables, HA! 

I ran outside on Saturday around noon and it was a huge mistake. It was so blasting hot & I was dying. It was ugly. Not to mention my runkeeper likes to pause ALL the time and its annoying. Desperately need a new phone. And need to remember to run at night in the summer. ;)


LOVE taking Emma for walks! She loves to power walk!!! 

Logged 4 miles yesterday with (of course)  a cool down by the pool! 

Boom. DONE! 

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