Monday, May 13, 2013

Fitness Friday Link Up-Week 2!

Yes, it is Monday but Kristin didn't post her Fitness Friday Post until yesterday so I couldn't have linked up on Friday anyways ;). 

Prep - same as last week. I ate leftovers several days this week but the days I didn't, I made sure my salad was ready the night before. I guess cooking a healthy meal the night before and eating leftovers is the same thing as doing prep work, right? I made my favorite chicken recipe on Tuesday night an ate it for lunch Wednesday and Thursday! I need to post the recipe for y'all. It is SO good.

Weight- we all know how I feel about scales. NEXT...

Food - Every day for breakfast I had Cascadian farms cereal. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I had leftovers  which included chicken breasts, veggies, & brown rice with a granola bar. Every day for a snack I had a banana or an apple. Friday our PTO served us nachos for lunch so I splurged! ;) The only night I splurged for dinner was Wednesday because I had a girls night and lets face it, girls night & pizza go hand in hand. :)

Water/drinks - I did great with my water this week. I filled my bottle up 4 times most days which equals 80oz of water!! Friday I had sweet tea at lunch so I did not drink it on Saturday like I normally do. I also have been drinking a BOOST when I get home from school as my snack. Anyone tried these? They're loaded with vitamins & minerals and are delish but they are so expensive! I had a coupon for them which is the only reason I bought them! 

Exercise - Saturday (5/4) I took Emma for a walk; Sunday (5/5) I ran & did upper body & abs; Monday (5/6) I walked, did a p90x leg workout, and did abs; Tuesday (5/7)  I ran 2 miles; Thursday (5/9) I did the eliptical and walked; And Friday (5/8) I took Emma for a walk! I am up to 21.4 miles out of 52 in the May challenge with @hausofgirls on Instagram!

Victories - my victory this week was cooking healthy meals and eating on them all week, doing a p90x leg workout (my legs were JELLO the rest of the week) and getting up to 21.4 miles out of 52!

Things to work on - only splurging ONCE a week (not 2 like last week), and trying to do something active every day. I couldn't help it one day last week but I could have at least done abs or upper body on the 2 days I didn't do anything last week. 

It's your turn now! Go link up with Kristin at The Little Princess Diaries:

{sorry it isn't linked properly, I am on my phone again this week}

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