Wednesday, May 22, 2013

37 miles

I didn't do a Fitness Friday post last week because I don't think Kristin did one...?? Anyways, I'm here mid-week to update on my 52 miles in May Challenge! I am seriously thinking I might meet this goal! I have logged 37 miles so far! Only 15 more miles to go in 9 days! I can do it!!! I have enjoyed this month of walking OR running! Some days my legs are sore from running or leg workouts so I enjoy walking on those days or doing a walk/run combo! Also, since it is getting HOT here in Alabama, walking is a nice alternative when it's smokin outside! I am not a summer runner, so the treadmill and I have become friends again. ;) I also love walking with Emma so I have enjoyed getting to log those miles as well!!!

In other news, tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I will miss this group so much, I've had most of them for 2 years!!! However, this teacher is ready for summer. :) 


  1. Sorry, I ditched you on Friday. My life has been INSANE!! I'm doing my best to be back tomorrow :).

  2. Happy Summer Vacation from one teacher to another!

    1. thank you Natasha!!! Happy Summer to you too!!!!