Friday, May 3, 2013

Fitness Friday Week 1 Link Up!

I am linking up with Kristin from The Little Princess Diaries for my first Fitness Friday post!
{forgive me, I'm on my phone so I couldn't link properly}

I decided to join Kristin for several reasons:
1. Bathing suit season is upon us.
2. Must wear a Bridesmaids dress in t-minus 58 days.
3. Since I had to cancel my Y membership for a little while, I need some motivation!

I'm going to follow her lead and use the same headings as her! (Hope that's ok Kristin!!)

Prep - All I did this week to prep is make sure my lunch was packed the night before. I'm ALWAYS in a rush in the mornings and I never have sufficient time to pack a salad so I end up grabbing soup or something quick. I made sure my salad & toppings were already in Tupperware in the fridge before I went to bed each night. This helped so much this week! It forced me to eat a healthy lunch everyday and I was out the door in record time each day. :)

Weight - I don't believe in scales so I'm going to skip this part! They anger me because when I think I'm doing so good, the number seems to rise (which is most likely from muscle gain but it still upsets me). I don't own a scale and I don't ever plan to!

Food - I did pretty good this week with my food intake. Each day for breakfast I had either Cascadian Farms or Post Great Grains cereal. For lunch I had a salad with chicken breast, cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing 3 days, chicken 1 day, and homemade chicken salad 1 day. I also had a Nature Valley crunchy granola bar & tortilla chips (just trying to get rid of them) on the side. For dinner on Monday I ate a hamburger without the bun & broccoli; Tuesday I had veggies & then Kashi cereal later (ha-interesting combo I know); Wednesday I had Carrabbas Chicken Marsala & green beans; and Thursday night I made myself an egg sandwich- two yolks & one egg white. Overall I think I did good, other than the tortilla chips :).

Water/Drinks - I fill my 20 oz water bottle 3 times a day and usually drink a separate glass of water at dinner so I think I'm drinking a good amount but I can always drink more! I do not drink coffee or carbonated drinks and only allow myself sweet tea on the weekends (usually just once). This has been my rule for awhile now and I love it. I always look forward to my sweet teas on the weekends! Sometimes things come up and I break my rule but for the most part I strictly drink water during the week. I sometimes have V8 fusion with dinner as well.

Exercise - well, lets just say this week was a bust! Monday & Tuesday my mom was here & so I did nothing. Wednesday & Thursday I did go for a walk but only for a little over 2 miles each day. My hip flexor has been hurting since the middle of last week so I was trying to give it a rest this week but its still hurting so clearly that didnt help. Yesterday I also did upper body with my free weights and an AB workout. I am joining up with @hausofgirls on Instagram again this month and our challenge is to run/walk 52 miles in May. I have 4.7/52 done so far.

Victories - I think my biggest victory this week was eating good. I am proud of myself for not eating pasta every night (which I have done in weeks prior). It's hard eating good protein-based dinners on a VERY TIGHT budget. Chicken breasts are expensive!!

Things to work on - work out/run more next week & continue making healthy lunches the night before.

Head over to Kristin's blog to link up with me!

**i apologize that all my pictures are at the end and not with each section but I'm on my phone & that's the only way to do it! I did try to keep them in order of the headings though. :)

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  1. Yay! Super excited that you're linking up. I hate the scales, too, and never use them in front of the girls. I do NOT want them to have a number addiction.