Sunday, June 2, 2013

The lake!

Ty & I headed to the lake Thursday for a few days on the water. The sea-doos weren't up there yet but we still had a good time relaxing on the dock. 

Ty & Emma enjoyed a little fishing as well! Emma jumped in after one & couldn't find her way back to the doggy stairs (yes, they have doggy stairs off their dock). It was a little funny but pathetic as she cried because she couldn't find the stairs. After that, Ty made her jump off several spots on the dock & successfully find her way to the stairs. Later that day, she broke them. Oops. 70 pound dog going up and down a ladder made for 40 pound dogs = no good. Hopefully Ty's dad can fix them this week. :) 

This is my favorite time of the day at the lake! The sun is going down & I love the way it hits the water! 

Emma fell fast asleep both nights as soon as we came back up to the house. The lake wears her out! 

It was a short trip but so needed and so relaxing! Can't wait for our next trip! 

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