Saturday, January 5, 2013


Two days after Christmas, we headed up to Tennessee with Ty's whole family for a few days.

Our cabin! It was so nice & had a great view!
The first night we were there, we just hung out at the cabin and went out to a local pizza place that was so yummy!
The next day we went horseback riding....

Meet my horse: Adalida

Giddy up!

We had quite the long line....
The next day we hung around the house all morning and then went to play indoor blacklight put put. I can't remember if that's what they called it? ha. Basically the golf balls were neon colors and glowed in the dark. I came in last place out of my group but I did get a hole in one!!!
After put put, we headed into Gatlinburg & went to the Ole Smokey Moonshine Distillery...
Love this picture of us!!

The next day Ty and I went up a mountain in Gatlinburg to find snow!!!

It was so pretty!!! I couldn't believe how much snow was up this mountain. We walked down some paths and watched lots of people sled and play in the snow.
After the mountain, we went to Cade's Cove, which is basically an 11 mile loop of landscaping that houses wild animals! We saw more than a dozen bucks (which made Ty like a giddy little boy), several doe, and some wild turkeys!


The girls in the family also had matching pjs for the trip. We took a picture with all the girls but mine turned out kinda dark.
Ty's mom, sister, me and Emma
the gals
Emma had so much fun while we were there. She played in the snow, chased Ty's cousin Allie around the house, and enjoyed the theater seating in the basement...
I'm having a hard time relaxing, mom
We had a great time hanging out with Ty's family, relaxing, and playing games up in the mountains. I am hoping this will turn into an annual trip!!


  1. Looks like fun! I so need a vacation! Don't you just love Gatlinburg? Hope you went to Fannie Farkles!

    1. we had a great time!! I LOVE Gatlinburg!! I've never heard of Fannie farkles, what is it???

  2. It is a little arcade there on the strip in Gatlinburg. The building is hot pink and purple. Jeff and I are like two kids in there! Plus they have the best corn dogs ever!