Wednesday, January 23, 2013

pictureless wednesday

So I know its supposed to be wordless Wednesday but I'm too lazy to email myself pictures from my iPhone. Someone please come help me set up iCloud. I can't figure it out to save my life.

Anyone still reading now that you know there are no pictures?

Ok good. :)

Since there are no fun pictures, I decided to do a list post.

1. I move in 30 days. THIRTY days people. So excited.

2. I think I have talked Ty into taking me to the rodeo this weekend. Teaching in this small town is gettin to me yall! :)

3. I have a workshop to go to tomorrow. Wanna know the thing I'm looking forward to the most? Going out to lunch with my teacher friend!!!! Now yall know I LOVE my sweet sweet babies....but if you are a teacher, you know eating out during the week is a treat in and of itself. But eating out AND not having to open milk, ketchup, chips, yogurt, fruit snacks, juice, etc for 20 children all the while trying to scarf down your food in 10 minutes is just plain rad. Yes, I said rad.

4. I've had towels in the dryer since Sunday.

5. I just took down 2 Christmas decorations that I just found last week.

6. When did this turn into a confession list?

7. I've been catching up on the Bachelor this week - watching it on my laptop. What are yall thinking? I love Des! Anyone else? Oh, and I had a dream the other night about Sean. There was kissing. Shhh...don't tell Ty!

Ok, I'm done. 7 is an odd number to end on (pun intended! ha) but I'm tired.

Sorry for the most worthless blog post ever! Maybe I'll have pictures tomorrow.

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