Sunday, January 6, 2013


This weekend was much needed, if that's possible. The 3 day work week WORE. ME. OUT. I couldn't get back into the routine of going to bed "earlier" and as a result, I went to bed super late, got up super early and got sick because of it. I was slap worn out on Friday afternoon and didn't even know how I was going to make the 55 minute drive home from school. I thought I would fall asleep as soon as I got home but ended up watching tv on the couch for awhile before making it to my bed to take a much needed nap. Ty ended up waking me up when he started texting me and called me out on falling asleep when I didn't respond one time for a long period of time. Oh he knows me SO well. Its actually a running joke in his family that if we have plans for Friday night, we better get going before about 6:00 or I will be asleep on the couch.

No shame. 1st graders will do that to ya.

On to the weekend....

This has nothing to do with the weekend but on Thursday I saved $34 at Winn Dixie using my rewards card. That is the most I have saved during one trip! I was so proud of myself! I also got 5 cents per gallon off my next gas purchase at Shell. :) Oh how I love you Winn Dixie!
Friday night Ty came over after my nap and brought me dinner. We just hung out and watched tv and talked. It was a perfect, lazy Friday night!
Saturday I slept in and did some laundry when I woke up. After I got ready, I headed to get my nephew Luke his birthday present. He turned 5 years old on Friday! I cannot believe that sweet boy is 5! I headed over to their house Saturday afternoon to give him his gift and eat cake with them. I hadn't seen the kids in a few weeks so it was great to have babies in my lap non-stop for a few hours!!!

The Birthday Boy with his home made cookie cake (which is a story in and of itself...lets just say there was smoke coming out of the oven at one point! ha)!

Sweet baby Kate. I could just eat her up.

Saturday night we went to some family friend's house for dinner and to play games. We had a YUMMY Italian dinner and then played a few games before Ty and I left around 10.
Today I slept in AGAIN (way too late), played hookie from Church (oops) did some crafting for Christen and then went for an 8 mile run (done in 1 hour, 22 minutes and I burned 1,054 calories)!!! The longest I've ever run was 6.4 so I was a bit nervous but I made Ty tell me over and over that I could do it and went for it! I am following a 1/2 marathon training program but missed last week's 7 mile run so that made me nervous too! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be but the last mile was pretty hard. I knew I was almost done though so I just kept telling myself to keep going. All I do when I run is talk to myself and countdown the miles til I'm done. HA!
I'm pretty proud of myself. I was a little slower than normal but I'm trying really hard not to focus on my time, but just focus on finishing each long run. I'm already nervous about next week's 9 mile run!!! I was supposed to be running a 15k (9 miles) next weekend but I waited too late to sign up and the race was sold out. boo!
 After my run. These legs = jello after 8 miles
 This is my new favorite running accessory! It is my new zebra Bic Band!! I am totally in love with it! It is the ONLY headband I have found that does NOT slip or move AT ALL when working out/running. Seriously. Not joking! Worth EVERY penny! Its amazing how much cooler you stay without hair in your face or on your neck all sweaty. If you are a runner, seriously, GO BUY ONE. I even got a personalized note with mine when I got it. :)
Time for bed. Way past my bedtime. Have a great week!

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