Sunday, December 2, 2012


Sorry I've been missing for over a week. Thanksgiving break was amazing and going back to work this week along with getting ready for a craft show this weekend has kept me busy. I went to bed every night this week after 11pm, which results on one tired teacher.

Melissa, mom, and I did great at the craft show yesterday which was held at the church I grew up in. It was so good to see so many familiar faces!

Yesterday was also the SEC championship game so my cousin Karlie came home with me so we could all watch the game together.

After the craft show, mom & I went to Melissa's new house. It was so gorgeous and I am so happy for her!

We met back up with Karlie and Dad at home after we went to Melissa's house. The game started at 4 so we headed down to the man cave to watch the game!

I really have nothing more to say about he game other than WOW. What. A. Game. Both teams played their hearts out!! Very proud that we came out on top but Georgia is amazing and deserved it just as much as we did.

We'll see you in Miami ND!!!!!

Can I get a Roll Tide????

Karlie, Melissa and I are off to run so ill leave you with some pictures from the past week! They are totally random (thanksgiving, auburn game, last weekend, this weekend) - photo dump!!! Enjoy!

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