Sunday, December 9, 2012


Ty's parents are legends in this town for their Christmas decorations. I wish you could all see them in person. It is quite a sight! We will be out & about and people will say something about their Christmas decorations. Several people on Halloween night commented on how much they love coming by to see their house over the holidays! I love it!

I am not sure when they started all of this but each year they add something. This year they added Cindy loo-hoo & the grinch! Some of the other characters/other things they have are Minnie & Micky, snoopy & Charlie Brown, 3 wise men, nutcrackers, penguins, an angel, Santa going in the chimney, nativity scene, Santa shop sign, a christmas countdown, a spinning box that says "merry christmas & happy new year" and Christmas train carrying presents. I'm sure I've left several things out.

I snapped a few pictures last week when they got everything set up. I wish you could see everything individually! They are all made out of wood & painted.

I just love watching car after car stop & admire their house over the holidays!!!


  1. I loved going by their house every Christmas growing up! They've been setting it up for as long as I can remember!