Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 years

I stared writing this post 2 weeks ago & never finished...oops.

5 years ago I "re-met" my dream guy after knowing him as a kid. I will never forget the moment I walked in his house and saw him standing in the kitchen. I would have paid money to see my face when I walked in because my jaw dropped. I was so mad at Dad for making us go over to his house because it was Iron Bowl weekend and I just wanted to get to Auburn as fast as I could. So glad he made us stop. :)

He was so quiet and I was too nervous to talk to him so my sister talked to him instead and we fought over him when we got in the car. :)

9 months later we finally started dating & the rest is history. I am so thankful God crossed our paths.

One of our very first pictures in the fall of '08 & thanksgiving '12

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