Sunday, May 15, 2011

You've got to be kidding...

What a lovely weekend I had until late last night. I went to a beautiful wedding in Huntsville and then made the hour and a half trek back to Trussville. My GPS took me all back roads. I drove through boondox Alabama and was loving being the only car on the road. I had my music up and was sipping my oh so yummy McDonalds sweet tea to keep me awake. The roads were dark and I was unfamiliar with the roads so I kept my brights on most of the drive. Of course I would turn them off when a car came which was only about every 10 to 15 minutes. And then, just my luck, the one time I totally forget my brights are on and a car passes, guess who? A cop! Long story short, he Accuses me of being drunk, gives me a breathalyzer and then when he realizes I was FINE he obviously has to write me a ticket for something so I get a ticket for "failure to dim lights".

Seriously? Is that even illegal!?

He clearly wanted to get me for drinking but when he couldn't he had nothin better to do than give me a ridiculous ticket.

So, I officially received my first ticket ever.

Funny thing is...I have been pulled over a total of 3 times now since I got my license. And every single time they have accused me of drinking and driving!! The first time I had to do a sobriety test and when I passed they let me go, the second time he just believed me that i hadnt been drinking and let me go, and this time he gave me a breathalyzer and made me do a sobriety test!

What is it about me? Do I look like I'm drunk all the time? If they only knew I'm the girl who has a glass of wine about once a month!!

So in closing, I'd like to thank the po-dunk, middle of nowhere policeman who ruined my lovely Saturday night because he had nothing better to do than give this poor girl a ridiculous ticket!!!

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  1. UM YES YOU ALWAYS SEEM DRUNK!!! Let me guess...your head was cocked sideways, confused look on your face and mouth wide open?!?! hahahahah I LOVE YOU SISTER!