Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So the kids got to play with our new iPads today!! We got them all set up a few months ago but I kept forgetting to check them out for the kids! I finally did today and they had a blast! All I heard all day was "look Ms. Alfano!" "whoa look at this!" "hey this is cool!"

I had such a blast watching their little minds work! My classroom was the quietest it has ever been today! Ha! They were so into them. They got to play history games, research presidents, watch videos on PBS, look at pictures on the Discovery app, find their houses on google earth, and look at science pictures on the discovery television app.

I had other things planned for today and we got to none of it. But that's ok, because they might have learned more today on those iPads than they ever have from me! What a great way to bring technology and their "world" into school!

I think I just might have to check them out again tomorrow :)

There are so many great educational apps so teachers- if your school has iPads, use them!!!!!


  1. So cool, any chance you can check them out for the last 6 days of the year? :)

  2. Our school got a grant a purchased one for each classroom teacher to keep until we are no longer employed by the school. They are awesome.