Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still no internet :(

Sorry friends, another pictureless post...boring, I know! My Internet worked last week at school so I guess it just doesnt like the Internet at my apt!

My weekend was wonderful! I threw a wedding shower with My cousin for our friend Tyler. The theme was monograms and mimosas and we wore our pjs! It was super fun and went really well!

After the shower, Lauren, Tyler and I went to the scholastic book warehouse sale! The books were super super cheap... I got like 24 new books for $42. Go me!!! Since I dont know what grade I will be teaching next year, I got all levels of books. Now let's hope and pray I get a job! :)

Yesterday afternoon, I got to babysit Luke and Aubrey. We had a blast swinging outside! Whenever I get my Internet working on my computer, I will upload some funny videos of them swinging! Ty played with us too...They are completely obsessed with Ty. I think it's safe to say that they like him better than me! Ty was pulling out of the driveway yesterday and Aubrey stood there screaming "TY! TY! TY! Ty!" with this confused, sad look on her face! It just about broke my heart! When he came back, both of them ran around the house to greet him at his truck! I love watching the kids with him, it always melts my heart.

Today I laid out for about 2 hrs and finally got some color! I was so pasty! Ty left to go on a deep sea fishing trip with his friends! I won't get to talk to him tomorrow or Tuesday! :( this will be the first time we haven't talked for days! Yes, you can call me pathetic, I don't mind.

Last but not least....3 more days of school!!!! :)

Have a blessed week!

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  1. Thanks for watching the kids, they had so much fun! You can upload the video straight to your blog from your phone!