Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a not really surprise!

Ty came down today and "surprised" me (ok, i begged him to come). He has started to do this every couple of weeks and I love our mid-week dates! I know I sound so silly saying that its so hard to go 5 days without seeing him but it is!!! Monday night I was missing him and my parents and cried myself to sleep. It just hits me sometimes. I am so glad he came today! I am so stressed about testing starting tomorrow and I needed to get my mind off of it! We hung out at my apartment and then went to Olive Garden for dinner (yummy!). It was a much needed afternoon/night. He just left :( but I get to see him Friday! :)

Please remember to say a prayer for me and my kids tomorrow! We test tomorrow, Friday, next Tuesday and Wednesday. I really hope everything goes smoothly and the kids do great!!

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