Thursday, March 31, 2011

a bunch of random thoughts...

1. I had another "melt my heart" teacher moment today. TWO in a row? NO WAY!

2. I am on the ball with my canvases I am only ONE behind now. I feel very accomplished considering I always feel behind! Check out my canvas blog - the link is on the right side of this blog - to check out some of my recent canvases!!!

3. TESTING officially ended yesterday! I am so relieved it is over! I really hope my kids did good! Their behavior was great everyday during testing, I am very proud of them!

4. There are 7 weeks until SUMMER!!!

5. I am slightly obsessed with hobby lobby. I could walk around that place for hours. However, if I did, my bank account would hate me.

6. I cannot wait to see Ty tomorrow!! I haven't seen him since Saturday and I have felt a little lonely this week (more than normal) so I am extra excited to see him and spend time with him this weekend! I miss him so much during the week!!

7. I absolutely cannot wait for June - I get to see my best friend, Molly!!! I am throwing her a shower down here in Tuscaloosa that she is coming down from Boston for. I have already started planning for it and I am getting so excited for it! I can't wait to spend a few days with her! I miss her so much!

8. I am in love with these clothes from Body Central:

9. I love this new Scentsy Warmer:
It is so cute!! Email me at if you would like to order this warmer or anything from Scentsy!

10. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! My favorite day EVER!

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  1. We start testing the first of May. I am so jealous! Summer vacation is a lifetime away....June 3, later if you count the in service days to follow. Have a great Friday.