Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flapjack 5k

So this weekend was my second 5k. The last one I did back in November was great and I really enjoyed the adrenaline from running "a race". I had originally planning on doing the Rumpshaker 5k in downtown Birmingham but then I found out that Ty's church was hosting the Flapjack 5k on the same day so I figured I would just run in that one to support his church. Also, his cousin and her husband, as well as his other cousin's daughter was going to run it so we just made it into a little family event!! I had this lady run with me pretty much the whole time and she was my inspiration! She kept saying little stuff to me to keep me going! She was awesome - and she was also about 50 so I thought, if she can do it, I can do it! I wasn't as prepared for this race as I was for the last one but I did fine. No big problems other than my nose was running the entire race! so annoying! I finished in 30:30 which was 2 minutes over my last time so I was kinda bummed. However, Philip (Ty's cousin in law who runs ALL the time and has done numerous marathons) said that I don't need to focus on beating my time every race and you slow down if the temperature is over 60 degrees. So that made me feel better! I am proud of myself for completing another 5k. I have never been a runner and 3.1 miles might not seem like alot, but it is to me! I love the feeling of crossing the finish line! I feel so accomplished! :) Here are a few pictures:

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