Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i live for these moments...

i had a "melt my heart" teacher moment today and I have to share!!

I asked you to pray for the student's family at my school who passed away this past weekend. Well, we are collecting money as a school to give to the family to help with funeral costs. Our math coach came in and spoke to my Homeroom for a few minutes about why we need to give to this precious family. She explained that any amount of money will help, even if it is just change. After she spoke, the room got completely silent (which NEVER happens) and 2 of my boys got up (boys that are so "tough" and the last 2 boys I would expect to get up and donate) and went and put money in the bucket. I felt the tears swelling in my eyes but I held back. It might not sound like much but it shows me that they care. They care about others and they care about people who are hurting. They probably don't get money much to spend on whatever they want. They could have kept it and bought a snack or a drink; but instead, they gave it to a family is desperate need. My students come from very rough backgrounds and come across SO unbelievably tough and like they don't care. I love to see when they soften up. I preach to them all the time about being nice to each other (they are SO mean sometimes!!!) so its nice to see their caring hearts come out. A few of my students mentioned that they had already given previously in the day so that brought a smile to my face as well. :) It was just one of those "proud teacher moments" and all you teacher friends out there know exactly what that feels like.

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  1. not sure how I happened upon your blog, but I also teach 6th grade math. I am in NC. I love moments like those! Makes being a teacher totally worthwhile...