Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, I finally had 2 seconds to sit down and blog! I have missed it! My spring break was awesome and relaxing! We went hiking, I took care of my niece and nephews, went shopping, and ended the week with a lake trip! It was a much needed break from reality but it is always SO hard to go back to the real world after I have had a week off. There are 9 more weeks of school and then its summertime! I am so excited! This weekend at the lake it was so beautiful and it was kind of a tease because its not summer yet! Ty and I went on a date Friday night to our favorite little restaurant at the lake - its such a cute little, small town restaurant. I just love it! Our food was absolutely amazing too!

On a completely different note, this week is testing for us. I am very nervous - this is my first year doing testing because last year I taught 1st grade and didn't have to worry about the state tests. I really hope my kids do good and behave during the tests. Please say a prayer for them (and me!) if you think about it. Most schools in Alabama are doing their tests this week and next week so they all need your prayers! Thank you!

Here are some pictures from my Spring Break! Sorry they are small - they are from my iphone and I don't know how to get them bigger!

me and sassy pants! poor thing was sick! :(

i just LOVE her - she brings so much joy into my life!


My favorite time of the day at the lake - sunset!

love this place

this is what i do while Ty is fishing....

so pretty!

my new little man! check out his bib! ;)

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  1. So glad you were here for spring break, you were a life saver watching the kids for me!