Sunday, November 29, 2009

its been awhile...

sorry its been awhile. ive been a little out of it. i got my wisdom teeth out on monday and have been laying low ever since. i am still not back 100% but im doing okay. this has been a horrible experience. you take for granted eating! i thought i would be able to eat on thanksgiving....negative. i swallowed my lasagna whole! i still can't open or close my mouth all the way and my speech is still not normal. i really don't know how im going to teach tomorrow....time to get creative!

well, monday i got them out at 8am. mom says we were back in the car 45 minutes later! the dr. came in about 3 minutes after i sat in the seat, talked to me for a second about the medicine he was going to give me, then stuck that IV right in. i HATE getting my blood taken/getting an IV. it gives me the creeps. needless to say i was squirming! after he stuck it in he says, "here comes the good stuff!" and withing seconds i was a goner. i don't remember much about waking up and getting to the car. I remember sitting in the wheelchair and the nurse walked away and i thought i was going to fall out of the chair! when they got me in the car mom says i did some weird things and tried to boss her around. :) i don't remember this but i wrote her some notes on a piece of paper ordering her where to get my prescription filled, how to drive, and where the pharmacy was! :)

monday was fine. everyone told me i wouldn't even remember the first day because i would be out. negative. i think i was awake more than i was asleep! some of tys family came over to visit and i felt left out in his room so i moved to the living room couch. :) tuesday was worse....the pain medicine they gave me made me sick so i quickly stopped taking it. it was advil and tylenol after that episode! i also got lightheaded in the shower. i was seeing stars so i had to sit down and my mom had to help me finish my shower. i have never felt more helpless! the rest of the week was fine, just PAINFUL. my mom/tys mom/ty took very good care of me. :) thanksgiving was sad. i was determined to eat my i swallowed it whole pretty much. ever since thursday ive been eating semi-normally....just not chewing....sucking and swallowing. :( im really sick of it and as soon as i can chew again, im going to be a happy girl!

i don't think i stepped outside for like 4 days straight so yesterday i sat outside for awhile watching tys family put up their infamous Christmas decorations. they go all out and i LOVE IT!!!!

anyways, no pictures for this post. i refused to take any pictures this week....even though ty's sister and dad took pictures of me on their phones while was sleeping. anna tried to get some pictures of me on thanksgiving but luckily i escaped them everytime. :) all i did this week was watch movies and tv so not much to take pictures of. i have loved the Christmas movies that have started to come on this week. :) i love this season!

well, back to work tomorrow, hoping my 1st graders don't make too much fun of me. i did tell them i was getting teeth pulled out and it was going to hurt really bad. however, i figured i would be totally fine by the time i had to go back....negative. hopefully, tomorrow won't be too out of control. please say a little prayer for me. kinda hard to teach when you can't talk normally or alot. it hurts when i talk alot!

oh, my niece had her baby dedication last Sunday so I will post those pictures later on this week. She looked like a princess. :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! oh and Roll Tide! Nothing sweeter than beating Auburn in the Iron Bowl. :) Alabama played a horrible game and Auburn played the best game of their season...and we still beat them. i love it! :) Sorry Auburn fans, that was my one "rub it in your face" moment. the end. :) Alabama 26 Auburn 21

17 school days until Christmas Break. :) Not that im counting or anything......

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  1. Thanks for being a trooper and writing those names on my gifts right in the middle of your most painful post-surgery day!
    I forgot to tell you, but you got MANY compliments on the names, people thought they were professionally done in a store!