Monday, December 7, 2009

please pray...

the last few days i have had so many emotions i don't even know where to start. thursday morning i was teaching reading when the teacher across the hall came over crying and told me to come outside. i knew something was terribly wrong, i was shaking as i walked to the door. and the moment she told me the news, is a moment i will never forget. one of our precious 2nd grade teachers died in her sleep on Thursday morning. When she didn't show up for work, the office called her and her sweet 5 yr old little boy answered the phone. he told our office lady that he couldn't get his mommy to open her eyes. :( it breaks my heart to think about it. we don't know what happened yet, we are waiting for the autopsy to tell us anything. i just can't get over the fact that she was at school wednesday, perfectly fine and healthy- i passed by her room while she was teaching math and i stopped to listen to her sweet voice teach- and now she is gone. she was so good with those precious kids. she had such a soft tone, hardly ever raised her voice. and those kids adored her. when me and lauren were placed at cottondale our junior year of college, she was lauren's teacher. so, needless to say, lauren was heartbroken too. she was such a great mentor and friend. my first week or 2 of school, she came to check on me every day after school to make sure i was okay. i know God has a purpose for this, i just have to keep reminding myself of that. it breaks my heart to know that her son will have very few memories of his sweet mommy. her son was her whole world and i hope people tell him that when he gets older. i just still can't believe that i won't see her sweet smile every day. she was such a kind lady and she will be missed by so many. i know for a fact that she is in a better place, so it gives me peace.

so, thursday and friday were pretty awful. however, saturday was pretty freakin awesome!!!! dad and i got to go to the SEC Championship game and it was so awesome! i am so glad i got to witness history being made and so glad i got to be there with my dad! i will post pictures when i have time to upload them on my computer. we stayed for like 30 minutes after the game and dad looked at me and said, "do we have to leave?" haha....i didn't want to either!!!! we were in the nosebleed section and halfway into the Florida section but as molly told me, "i don't care if you're in the toilet section, at least you're there!!" hahaha..couldn't have put it any better!!!! they were actually good seats because you could see everything! after the game, we got home to my moms amazing chili waiting for us! it was soooo yummy! and i got to spend time with my sweet friend melissa. :)

after a wonderful saturday, i had to drive back early sunday for the memorial service. it was such a sweet service, perfect for her. it was a hard day saying goodbye to a sweet friend, but again i say, i know she is in a better place, which gives me peace.

well, i'll leave you with these pictures because i havent uploaded mine from the game yet.....
Revenge is so sweet :)


ok-update on the countdown....11 more school days until Christmas Break!!!!! :)

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  1. I'm so sorry about your teacher friend, I will keep her family in my prayers!
    Glad you and dad had a great time at the game, but did you have to post that picture of Tebow...that's kinda mean, he's a nice guy :)
    Alabama played awesome and deserved to win, hope they give Texas the same kind of beating!