Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've never been really big into Halloween. It was fun when we were memories of Halloween consist of mom making our costumes from various things around the house, my sisters and I walking around our neighborhood getting all the candy we could, then coming home to an amazingly good bowl of chili (which my mom made every year on Halloween). Her chili is the BEST! Anyways, I have good memories of Halloween, I just haven't been really big into it since I got into high school. I always had a cheerleading competition on Halloween in high school so I just remember spending every Halloween there and then coming home to chili and passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. In college, Halloween really means "who has on the sluttiest costume?" If you know me, thats not really my style. My roommates were always really into it and ordered their costumes like 5 weeks before Halloween. haha...anyways, they got me to dress up one year, and I'll admit, I had fun. Anyways, now that I'm working with children, I had to go back to my childhood and get excited about Halloween. Ty's grandmother gave me this awesome light up Halloween decoration for my classroom and I've had a pumpkin in there all month so my kids loved that. I promised them awhile ago that if they were good, we could carve the pumpkin. So, of course, the second they walked in the door on Friday, it was "Ms. Alfano, are we going to carve the pumpkin?", "Ms. Alfano, you said we could carve it!", "Is it time to carve the pumpkin yet?" I was thinking, "Oh no, what did I get myself into?" I've never carved a pumpkin before!!!! Ty's first question when I told him I carved the pumpkin was, "you sliced your hand open didnt you?" haha...he has no faith in me! Anyways, after lunch...the adventure began. They were so excited they could barely handle it. I told them if they got out of hand, they would have to put their nose in the corner (which a couple of them ended up having to do....) and I also told them they couldn't get to close (fearing the knife my slip out of my hand) and they had to stay seated. They were good for the most part.

First, we drew on the face, I just did a generic year I might get more scary.

Next, I cut the top off and let each child come scoop out some guts......Then, I cut the face out. It was harder than I thought and it took about an hour to get it all done but they loved watching me do it! I was trying to pop one of the eyes out and it shot out and hit me in the face...they loved that. :)

Lastly, I put a candle in it (shhh...don't tell. No candles allowed at school!) and turned off the lights.

Disclaimer: no kids were harmed in the carving of our pumpkin.

Friday was also pajama about crazy kids. pajama day AND the day before Halloween? We were just asking them to be crazy. I wore my hello kitty pj's and pretty much all my kids wore their pjs! It was so cute. Anyways, I survived the day and I had a great 1st Halloween with my 1st class!

This weekend Ty and I went to Birmingham and I got to see my niece and nephew in their cute outfits. Before you see the pictures, please forgive me for their outfits. Now, I am their aunt, so of course I'm going to say they are cute...because they are. However, if I had my way, they would be WAYYYYY more adorable in ALABAMA attire. :)

Aren't they SOOOO cute?

Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. I'm very impressed with the pumpkin, that's pretty good considering you've never done it before!
    Glad y'all got to come over this weekend, and yes I think those kids are sooo cute...but I might be a little biased ;)

  2. Kathleen, they have battery operated "candles" at walmart that are orange and flicker just like a real candle for you to put in ur carved year dont break the rules!!!