Wednesday, November 4, 2009

something in the water

so my kids were INSANE today. i think there was something in the water they drank this morning to make them so crazy. they have been so good lately. and then today, they were out to give me a headache from the moment they walked in the door. im apologizing now to all my former teachers who had to put up with me (not that i was a bad kid, i was a suck up!). however, i think times have changed and "listen to the teacher" and "follow directions" dont really mean anything to kids! however, if i EVER disrespected, disobeyed, ignored my teacher, or misbehaved in any deepest apologies go out to the teacher. i feel your pain. there were times today i just wanted to jump out the window and run. far, far, away. luckily, i know everyday is not like this and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. and maybe some more sleep tonight and some good praying will help my patience. good news-tomorrow is thursday. then the next day is FRIDAY!!!! yay :)

ps-i really do love my job. it was just one of those days......


  1. it was a full moon, my kids ALL had to be put in isolation time out and "put on the mat" (two adults holding the kids feet and arms laying them flat on their stomach on a mat) THEY WERE TERRIBLE!!!

  2. You're allowed to have those days every once in a while :)
    Mom told me what happened to your "special" student, that's terrible, I feel so sorry for him!