Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mercedes Marathon Relay

So this year Melissa (my bestie & favorite running buddy) and I got a little lazy and decided to forego training for the half marathon that we planned on doing and signed up with 3 other people to run the Mercedes Marathon Relay! 

I've never done a relay before so it was something different and fun! 

Here's how it worked - we got a team of 5 people (me, Melissa, Amanda {my teacher friend}, Amanda's hubby Blake, and my cousin Jennifer) and everyone ran a different amount and together it added up to the full marathon [26.2 miles]!

There were 5 different legs - 6 miles, 3 miles, 6 miles, 3 miles, and 8 miles

I wanted to do the 8 mile leg since I had already gotten to 8 miles in my half training. I figured if I did that, at least my training didn't go to waste!

The race was on Sunday and I didn't sleep a wink Saturday night. I felt unprepared due to not feeling well last week & the cold preventing me from running. I ran 6 miles a week and a half before the race so I pretty much was wingin' it! Which probably wasn't the best idea.

I struggled a bit. I was the last leg of the relay so I sat at my waiting area for about 3 hours before it was my turn and that was weird. Races hype me up but not starting the race was odd! And it was rainy and cold and I had to re-hype myself back up when I knew it was almost my turn. 

Some miles were easier than others and I may have been slow but I made it and my team even got to jump in with me at the end and cross the finish line with me! 

Team All About That Pace

See what we did there? Cute, I know.

I was hurting after but that's probably because my legs were hating me for not running in a week & a half and then running 8 miles.

Our team did great and we had an overall pace of 9:55/mile. 

Melissa and I have completed so many races together and now we can add this one to the list! We were talking after the race and we really want to figure out exactly how many we have done together! Love my running buddy! 

After the race we enjoyed Jim n Nicks BBQ, a hot shower, and a nap! :)

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